LONELY??? get WAZE !!!!..a GPS to adore


Now i see Humans as aspiring to be as complete and up to date as APPS- we have a lot to learn heah!

Living in the Present...

I drive Uber… which means I think of myself as Cuber,, and I use WAZE!!!! If you are familiar then you know already… if you don’t YOU ARE WELCOME!

I have grown to love waze and of course, as love goes ,  it wasn’t easy… i went through a process of trust,,, just as if it was a person… of course, with a person, or another human, there are so many expectations and  questionables.. waze is an APP and not a human… however… i just could not bring to trust it… which really reflected  my own  issue-  actually it was about 3 weeks before I made the conscious decision that i had this app to give me help and i would use it… no matter what… even if i thought it was Wrong – Waze has more NINFO than i can get on my own…. FYI you get rerouted according…

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