CRAZY THINKING??? REASONABLE? how did this happen? more about the donald..


more and more

Living in the Present...

WTF??? my gosh.. I just heard some newscasters say that the polls show more and more people think Donald is the man to HANDLE the problems. The paradigm that the world is experiencing now is moving faster and fiercer , at least, it seems. mounting up and up for this country, even more the problems  are presenting themselves to the whole planet… it is not a negotiation it is conciliation here that we need…
I could not have really heard that!!! That would be crazy…it would be totally insane to be attracted to a volatile,reactive,negative energy, right? One that is going to BOMB THE HELL OUT OF ISIS!! Yea dude… just going in there and Pow drop some explosives and we will teach them who to mess with DUDE. We will destroy the Earth, but hey we are born to win not lose… and we will go out winning…. BIG…

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