Donald … KNOWS.. and that sounds great… but no one really knows…


lets get on the LIFE is a gift here-wagon and encourage all to find the Joy that life offers- it is not by negativity

Living in the Present...

for the last 24 i have been in a sort of quandary here…. ” i just don’t know what to do with myself…….” so uncomfy in my own skin…. which is a story unto itself… ( the skin) i mean. really disregard this subject   and lets move on….

But it is 9:00 am and i can hear the commentary… i thank the Lord for this…

However, is the donald a reflection of Us in the USA??? apparently he must be… that is the scariest part of the whole thing… for what reason do the supporters of the Trumpster attractivate  towards him?? Could it be the BOMB THE BASTARDS  attitude.. or are we looking for someone who we attribute the attributes of being able to save us…?   I find this to be pretty common… at least in my own life, always looking for someone to SAVE me.  Save me…

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