GRAmerica- greedy america folks!!!.. what happened to crowned brotherhood??


GREED- GREED GREED… and more seems to divide, define and guide this continent- I am not on any other so I don’t want to judge… However…how would Putin get 200 billion $$$ working as a president? – what a pay day –
I don’t even want 2 billion $$$$ just one- would suffice for me and my entire catamily  my  DNA , and others that I would bump into during the course of the day. What fun it would be to share and help others- While the Cube is in the UBE I could give out cash!! only to the open-hearted who would then share from there- a down-line .. perhaps of ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! –

Greed is the the child of fear.. neither feels very good when we try to enjoy the day—and isn’t that the real import of how we spend our time??? When did we go so awry? When did success become tangible? Countable by stuff-, vacations, things, purses???

What happened to all the value in Virtues??? When I am proud of my actions ( not reacting , of course) I am instantly rewarded with enjoyment… and a great feeling of contentment seems to envelope me- that is the existence that FEELS good- when I my whole  being  flourishes—check our GREED- when is enough enough???

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