APP- UP HUMANS- I am so impressed….

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. I am Always so impressed with my APPs abilities to upgrade…. we Humans could really benefit here by just APPing up.. When we get NInfo-  ( new information) it is our duty and assignment to digest it – put it right into the system and see what comes out!! It is impossible to be the same as we were before the download… right? of course! My WAZE or FB or Offerup or anything- just reboots- better than evaH… no resistance, no holding on to its history!!!

To me that is just so exciting- and encouraging! NInfo equals new- Info – and  that totally demands our presence in the moment so we can take advantage of both the moment and the Info which really blend into one another ….and puffs out comes an upgraded Human mind…remarkable in its Newness.- and this is the benefit of staying in the moment…. the ability to create ones self! What in the Universe could be more FUNderful than this

Young and Old are inevitable– Newness is the way to stay vibrant and relevant while we are in our BEhicles-( bodies)- and as I am looking in the mirror I am OLDish, in the not Youngish conversation… and that is Fmazing- because I still feel so startled -when I see myself in the mirror- I know we all feel like that- because what is inside isn’t really aging- it is being… the outside starts to die– I suppose I will experience a whole new paradigm- as every living …..does. I believe it is our culture that has it wrong…asking us what we want to do???? not how we want to be? Being creates the moment and the moment is our life.

it is inevitable  that our Vehicles will age- birth to the end- we grow and change and actually are very new all of the time. 1 moment and go until it gets to its end… old- but can you imagine being the same forever????- baby to Elder – we get the full ride as a human- we change every day and yet we cling to our past thoughts- and they rob the present of possibilities. Every day I run into my old patterns of thinking- we all do ( betcha) ..I call them old Operating systems – that I invented when they seemed appropriate- ie, the first time I felt LOST- I was probably very young and lost- it was scary I am sure… the VILarious side is that I can feel that panic even now- with keys to my car in my hand- with the ability to call  for help and a credit card– I still go from zero to freak, skipping all other levels of alarm!- Personally, it is then that I bring myself back to the moment-( i have learned to do that in a kind and friendly, humorous way- ) A very, very, very IMPORTANT step in AMing. – and we all know by now AMing is creating oneself… in the space that one is- – or commonly called NOW.

Presence may not be so easy to accomplish- that is for suah! However to continue in a reactive state, invariably swinging around with the wind- is much harder…

APP up- this is the time for us! WOWing!  which by the way or BTW is now FOWing !






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