FLANGUAGE is a language!!… and is created to make one laugh…..

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or flaugh– which is fukin laugh- it is like old bathroom talk when we were young – and just a reference to being able to say fuk many ,many times a day- puts a big file on my face.

now that might  not mean much to you- but i think it is VILarious   which is very hilarious of course- and so…. each time I say a flanguage word – giggles occur- and i love the sound of giggles- everyones and of course my own.

here are a list of words that work very well-

flier- fukin liar

flove you fuking love u

fafafa self explanatory

and so on oops i love Fidiot

it is Vimportant (very important) that one does not use any tone with Language- because that would dilute the pleasure- (fleasure) and then the point of humor would dissolve into the same frap that anger produces…Flanguage ‘s intention is not to rile anyone- but rather to point out the fabsurdity and uselessness of attack.

One of my favorite foments in a day is when I am patting myself on the right shoulder and saying “you are a Fmazing human”!

FLoving it!

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