not my own friend…..equals not a good moment! or life … cause life is in the


fo suah

Living in the Present...


Try to picture time! Try to do anything with time! There is no such thing– not in solid form anyway– it is just a perception, I think. I don’t want to say it- cuz maybe it is something that people have proved that I don’t know about…and I will be WRONG! which is a hilarious subject all to itself… right?

70 years took no time…. today was longer… how does that actually work?I am clueless for sure… I don’t think there is anything there… just illusion and a clock. and of course, an agreed upon  perception,,, even if we don’t know that we are compliant we go along, we meet at certain agreed upon times… school starts at a time we all agree exists…yada

Anyway.. I have been in retrograde for a few days – matching the planets perhaps… but certainly not doing what it takes to feel good…I…

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