FRukin FRazey… out here… parle FLanguage?

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oh my goshhhhhh…. what do people who don’t listen to the news think about????
I am listening to the description of people FIGHTING and HATING each other about a flag??? really? really? on tv BTW- University of Virginia…
No- not really-
this is about misery – not ideology…. this is about minds that do not support our ownselves- I mean,  who in their right mind wants to march with machetes? a right mind craves enjoyment ( it would seem to me)- not chaos and confusion that lead to unhappiness and contrition- wake up in the morning to that…. ickkk!

I know that rush of righteous anger shit….. let’s label that INSANE. 

Conscious minds wouldn’t choose the  thought that produces that feeling that FLuks you up right away.. right away in the moment- and destroys all Joy and fun.. draining  positive energy… ick  like a gut punch ..we have been there and done that I am sure….Life loses some shine …friendships suffer and remorse takes up fresidence for a long time.


We have the ability to be alive in our bodies (b-hicles) as we choose- that is, if we were choosing….and I grant you  it takes some pretty keen , on point awareness, mixed with some useful tools and tricks also known as MINDfulness…and mindfulness changes the paradigm immediately if not sooner. fafafafa – important NINfo- in the moment everything happens and changes and happens- just like an APP- we can improve… ASAP lets not waste our precious moments anymore being ferks. We really don’t have moments to spare ….

FOR EXAMPLE- if my hand starts waving nonstop- i stop it… it is my hand… so when my mind starts doing the directing of my thoughts- i stop that too. It is my mind and I am using it during the duration.- i wish i knew this earlier in my life- ” regrets….. I have a few. but then again…..”

The question is  ARE YOU YOUR MIND? OR DO YOU HAVE A MIND?-  and that conversation can only get better and more thrilling- like ” wow” this is me” I am an energy and I am in this body- that is Fmazing – just by itself…I am alive!! I am a human with many different support systems built in to my system… and my teacher, GURUMAYI of SiddhaYoga told me that the purpose of this life was to INJOY it.

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