It isn’t right or wrong…. it is conscious or unconscious…..


I don’t think we can get it right… if we think there is a right to get….
I mean how can there possibly be one right- and you- ( me ) -they know it…anyone know the one POSSIBLE (fossibility)- just too hard to believe-

However I for one believe the distinction is IS IT CONSCIOUS?? or am I bringing all my old shit and shenanigans to my reaction… ?and therefore UNCONscious-?

really…. how much longer do we want to be that reactive, energy that has no creative say about our finished product- (ourself)Do You know anyone who this reminds you of?

I am laughing of course– cause this makes us all know others who just cannot get it right…. but it is our CONsiousness we are in charge of ….



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