Everything has an UP SIDE!!…. it is up to us to find it..


maybe the Donald, the POTUS is like a pimple on the planet… In my Opine he represents a large infection…and it is growing into a head…and he is the head pimple on the entire planet!!  people are agreeing that he is crazy now….  not that he is doing anything differently – he never masked his thoughts and negativity… he thrives on what is wrong…. having lived that way myself for most of my life- .. I know what a misery that is poor DONALD (showing compassion)
I often think I am pretty crazy- the way my mind goes off sometimes is really, really incredible- BUT when I see the way his mind works I start to feel like an avatar.. floating in my own sphere of wellness- so much for comparing… his being crazier- really doesn’t make me not crazy…. ( comparing doesn’t work anymore than blaming does… ) How can one be satisfied ever if we indulge in either of those sports!!- ok  a preview here- NOT ALLOWED is blame and compare.

I find the world better than it ever was… no gladiators! that couldn’t have been so fun.- I remember the “good old days.. and a part of me cringes from my lack of consciousness- I grew up when there were separate bathrooms and separate water fountains for people , according to the color of their skin)- I wasn’t the one who was yelling no fair! and marching for others… actually I don’t remember a time that I registered that as a negative… I was not into thinking for myself…  Of course I admire those who did and their conscious courage but I was raised looking outward- and that is where my gaze must have been…

I may be late to the game.. but I am HERE big time. I have been studying with a Guru since 1986- and it shows..that is fortunate for me- if no one else- however i see the fruits in other places- where i used to cause chaos- now i get smiles….( not always) there  is no always.-


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