LeBron is DUMB… says the FIDIOT!…


Sorry for name calling…. it doesn’t work for me or for anyone else… However….just this once… the fresident is a fidiot. ( i hope you speak flanguage).

I am a great admirer of LeBron.. and why not? I admire his choices throughout his life that I am aware of, I live in Miami and he gave me basketball- a very generous player right? I like GENEROSITY- as a virtue- I believe it is necessary for an open hearted- open minded life..that evolves along with the ether…

I watched Don Lemon also- no one on the show , LJ or DL used any negatives to express their points of view- pretty classy, actually.

This isn’t about black and white- it is about POSITIVITY vs NEGATIVITY – as a divorce 2 times,,, I know all about this name calling shit- and what it does.

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