not the new generation… it is the NEW CONVERSATION!


Dear David Hogg,

I am an admirer of yours… I admire your bravery and your dedication….. but come on here… you don’t own fear of guns and insanity. We all do.. we all live it…it is a new paradigm for ALL.. not just high school students..

No one has been alive in times like these before… it is NEW for all.. no matter which part of the life ark we are on… do you really think people get stuck in their teen years for the rest of their time in their bodies?  Look up evolve in the dictionary… although, there is hardly time anymore… we must ingest new attitudes as NINfo- (new info) happens. Just like the apps that upgrade,,, so must attitude upgrade and adjust in order to stay relevant.. equaling consciousness.

I don’t believe the difference is young and old… I believe it is NEW and OLD.. the brightest minds can use other’s experiences to learn, and we do not have to endure each awful experience to get it…learn a little humility early and life will be easier for you..GOD BLESS us ALL.. and Nancy Pelosi too!


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