REACTION… is the killer.. of choice..and the Donald is a good teacher…


a good example , and  let his behavior  be our  teacher – if we have our wits about us we might not have to act- out anymore.

One has to have their WITS about them… right?  now I know what that means… without ones wits… we just blurt out our most defensive words looking to protect who we think we are…( me- mine – i think- it is…..) and so on into the ether…of our existence…getting more defensive and identified more and more with (me-mine- ours- etc.


I believe that in every human (fuman) resides a desire to be content- a desire to INjoy their life- LOVE< KINDNESS< GENEROSITY< PLAYFULNESS -open heartedness if you will- i believe that is how we arrive in this body on this planet… and then… culture or society influences us and we become caught up in the identity of who we think you think we are…. at least i experienced something like that…  and what I have noticed lately- is the DOING/ BEING  conundrum…. more later as that could be a short book!

REACTION needs RETHINKING or we are assigned to our old selves and not able to create who we are in the moment… and then we are New and not OLD.. no matter our is more fun when we can create our selves … I am infinitely entertained by finding out who I am …I have never been this before… so fun.

RESPONSE is the way to go…. a very good distinction from reaction…. responding requires being here


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