https://cubiclegirl70.com/ Created by Ellen Lansburgh. It is my intention to create a life filled with humor and thanks while I am growing.

Ellen always had an original viewpoint, well before its time, she regarded fabric and styling differently then others in the market place. However, this included an eye for the classic! ,regardless…and the designs always could stand the test of time. ..”To Ellen Leopard was Black” 1970’ chiffon was 24-7

Ever since…childhood . while designing her own clothes she maintained a natural playful attitude towards dressing, realizing the fun and personal expression that dressing offers the wearer.. She really was a true pioneer in separates dressings, mainly because she enjoyed the many different attitudes the clothes offered if they were treated individually and not an OUTFIT! working from her own retail line “Therapy” stores in Aspen, New York, and Bay Harbor Florida and also combining and discovering some incredible new designers…Today,as CUBICLEGIRL70 she is recreating herself. Thru personal growth and her natural style she is offering wardrobe options that are wearable, fun, INSPIRATIONAL and equally important available to women on a shoestring budget”.
Frugality is a virtue!

At this juncture in time she is a citizen of the paycheck to paycheck club and a member of the new demographic age wise.. “We are not our grandmas for sure, we are buoyed with health products, exercise, a different consciousness to living and modern medicine etc.” An attractive representative of her own vision. “We are a new demographic and we can make it up as we go along!” Vitality, attractiveness, individuality. all the ingredients of the soup for these New Oldies creating life as they live it.

Cubiiclegirl70 is about being relevant, growing, curious and in the awareness conversation…

Cubiclegirl70 is about connection… and presence.. connection needs presence!!

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1KqJJfk
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1B3bGbi
Google+: http://bit.ly/1B7bYNP

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