Delusional Donald!!!

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Donald is really hilarious right??? If he is the DUDE- everything changes – cuz  of him!- No One is allowed to be very angry and act out!! cause why????  cause how?  I think the problems are a little deeper than that Mr T.-

He reminds me of John Wayne in Shane—He is bigger than….. the world and can handle whatever comes his amazing way! YESSSS- oh Donald- the world isn’t really like the movies- We are Humans on this planet – and it is quite obvious that we are not going in the right direction–and that may not be Hillary Clintons fault- the energy is bigger than her and even bigger than you.

The Energy on this planet is not all about you – we all are the energy- and this planet is pretty angry at the moment- judging from the dissatisfaction  and tragedies that are occurring – Like CHARLOTTE ( could be anywhere USA) could be anywhere most places planet Earth!! Say SYRIA… wow we are making a mess.

The problem,  is always being pin pointed – Humans use their JUDGEMENT- and usually they like to find something or someones to blame- Blame works really well here… RIGHT???? NOO…… Blaming is one way to fight,, one way to criticize to- instigate and hit back harder….. oh my gosh.. It sounds like a very bad scenario to me…the kind of scenario that causes chaos and misery and leaves an ugly wake.

On the news I am watching such fabulous HUMAN ENERGY coming forth to support the fact that we are all the same – Thinking Humans, that want to use their minds and open their hearts… ‘DO UNTO OTHERS…..’ I am quite confident that we all are familiar-  with this  …. and now , it is necessary to implement this – or.. YES everything will get worse-and worse ……

It is not a WINNER -LOSER world …

It is not LIVE and Let Live — it has to change to LIVE AND HELP LIVE!!!!- AND WE AS COLLECTIVE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET might just have to look in the mirror and check for Greed, pettiness, and delusional thoughts… jealousies- all the miseries that come with a mind  that runs wild on its own without the guidance of its Human “owner”/possessor what ever we are- I think it is our mind! and we can use it just like we use everything else we are gifted with…

MINDS!- Use them- Understand them and direct them… if you do — I don’t think you would choose to fight! and call names… what would be the point? Anyone who was present and making a choice, wouldn’t be attracted to that game? right?

Just heard that Cruz is endorsing  Trump!!! that is hilarious too!

change name to Putin… donald we have a chance here and we need a super HUMAN.. here an Avatar… can donald be the man???

REALLY! A PATHOPLOGICAL LIAR!!  lmaoFullSizeRender copy

our minds guys!! lets use them and be great

shhh don’t talk I think we are in a novel….. we really are just watching all this happen…..

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Hillary… what the fukity are you thinking???? Do you hear the Donald??? HE IS CLIMBING UP YOUR LEG AND WILL SOON OVERTAKE YOU !- someone is putting words into his tiny, tiny mouth and he is using words that make him sound SANEish….  not only sane but sensible…a totally different kind of man then  he showed to us.. throughout the primaries and his tv show.We know someone cant morph into another as fast as his transcend-ation has occurred. HE is not for real and unfortunately you are not coming across as a real human either…. authentically- being who you are -and not scheming and planning. Times are achangeing… Humans want more relate-tion and less manipulation.

However, I think it is out of your hands and in the hands of the supreme novelist….The set up for a world debacle is getting – closey- close as Nick Jonas says…  and “boundaries are just a word made up by someone who is afraid to be CLOSE.”

“Oy Vey ” comes in handy here- it really is a Jewish sigh I think. Instead of breathing in and out – we just go OY VEY!!! lol – and I know it is not funny– but in order to enjoy the current state of affairs- Hilarious for sure… CRAZY stuff out here in the energy!!

its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

NO RESTRAINT… anyone????……we know where that goes……war, divorce, abuse……hilarious?

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Yesterday i just couldn’t keep my mouth shut…. i was spewing negativity at my older son– he doesn’t need a critic, he needs a friend. and so do I – I need to be my support system,,,,, patting myself on the back if i need to and oohing and ahhing if i need to….the words and TONE i chose were negative and created negative energy… simply .. that is how it works- (if you work it).!!! a joke…WORDS  have ENERGY (donald)

Anyway, when i say spewing – I mean I was blaming him for something– which i was making up- ( or making a bigger thing out of)  because inside i had feelings of discontent and self judgement sooooooo rather than deal with it- dismiss it and halt the self torment- i tormented someone else!! sounds familiar to most? lovely way to spend time. – makes life really lovely (not)-

Not necessary for a human- it doesn’t have to be our nature- it is our culture-that seems to encourage doing… rather than BEING, I think we should be introduced to being a human– not  the winning- winners – vs losing  and losers kind of garble- that permeates our atmosphere in the western hemisphere. ” over here- over here” where the yanks are cominggggggg. we got lost in history – we are what we are- not what we were…. and that is just perfect. NOW is now… lets be here. ( each of us have our own here)

I am so off the track here- I wanted to praise the tool of restraint in life- it doesn’t seem to come with the package/ recipe/ whatever you want to call us…. humans!– Restraint is a wisdom and a choice…. and such an attractive ingredient to have…. It can be used….and the benefits are instantaneous–However– like any other talent it can be developed if it doesn’t come naturally.- calling names????? reaction I hope – and not a conscious decision… how could anyone choose getting into that kind of dialogue?

Restraint of tongue and pen have been admired for centuries…. now our fingers need restraint also….

no restraint equals no choice!!  reaction equals loss of deciding which way we want to be and which ideas we want to act on…like a sailboat in the wind just being blown around with no direction,,,, we are more than that! we have been given so much- but without restraint…..????


BLAME!!! .. the blamer keeps it going….and ….

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listening to Patricia Smith and her BLAMING in Benghazi!!! wowch!

does that help the hurt??? i think not….her son is dead and Hillary perhaps made a decision that wasn’t helpful… true it might be,,,, but  WHEN DO YOU WANT TO END THE SHIT ? man? Grieve for the loss…. thats for sure,,,,,, live your life and suffer if you want … but stop the shit….throwing- the blaming,,, building up and fueling resentments…listening to Mrsa Smith BLAME… was 2 nights ago…

in the meanwhile…..

Watching and (listening) to my own minds words… in my own personal scenarios/relationships/situations… wowch… the allure of blaming is a path to righteous venting.,… (i diagnose).. and then it seems HUMANs use the energy of the blaming vernacular to fuel the fire… and leave their conscious minds…this terrible violence that is occurring gets reenergized over and over – each time the thought is thought!- juxtapose this with horrible occurrences in the past …few weeks alone….

who is doing your thinking? the person that is being created by the choices that we make? or reaction?.. with reaction your odds are 50/50 with conscious choice!!! just imagine .. admiring the person/self that we create … a fun and pleasant way to enjoy… i am trying


Reaction… has left me alone- robbed me of my choices in the present moment…. that really is the ultimate robbery!!! as without conscious choice… who the fuckity are we?

SCARY — i hear it -in the UBER- i watch it on CNN… lol


I would appreciate your thoughts — after you actually think!!!!

lol lets keep it HILARIOUs if we canFullSizeRender copy

Armegeddon / man- what the heckish?…Implosion??? Explosion?? wowch…

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its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

Wowch!!!!! these times seem trying… if i weren’t  feeling so clear and Gool ……I would probably be reacting to the news and- views and be feeling very very scary!!! and then once again  I would be ruining the only moment that I am 100 percent sure of having… again and again… I could do that. I actually presume I have that choice of thoughts down pat… very very familiar with gloom and doom.. I see the macabre parts of me in my senses / colors, figures, been there done that –  like that!!

The ENERGY on this planet is sure active and moving- and not in a positive direction…The problem is the core of our social culture- what we admire and  what we desire ….What is the difference what we are afraid of ??? we all are afraid of something… we humans certainly use that fear tool a lot…. right?- we are the same- energy and we are destroying the planet– and that energy seems to be picking up steam… FUCKITY!

THINKING…… sorry for all of us- sorry for the losses- of all

humans! sorry for us all… Ban blame to begin.. and have compassion… no one would choose misery.. july 8 wowch!!

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Blaming creates anger, and righteousness and more strife… whose fault is it? the answer to that question is so what and who cares????   this approach never changes what is “hurting”.. does it??   I have lived with that – anger (my own and others) and it is not ok. We take sides? for what? aren’t we all HUMANS?… If you are a Christian read the rules fgs! (for Gods sake).

what is a human?? why don’t we learn how amazing the arc of life is when we are starting it…we are born – we know that- for what?..not for anger- i have never seen an angry blaming baby– rather a baby human filled with wonder and awe at every opportunity it (he or she) has… awesome- that is what life can be… we give it the negativity- we (the humans) as we grow older and shape what we think/ thought without careful mindfulness – just roting our way through life- for the most part we aren’t even there/HERE! Where we can experience the wonder and joy that comes from merely seeing almost anything… or sensing it – ( for those who do  not see)-

whenever I hear or make  a spontaneous wow!!! and it  just comes out with a sound that is not available to me to reproduce… so softly and appreciatively WOOOOOWWWW. oh btw  I drive Uber- I make my people look outside at the unbelievably beautiful mother nature going on…. i love when i hear their genuine pleasure and amazement… and i say ” there – thats the feeling- the feeling of junderment (joy and wonder)!! you just can’t fake it. and it feels so natural – so human- so ….. no words for the feeling but it is contentment and wonder combined…

I feel so sorry for everyone involved in the hate attacks- and that includes the sorry killer and his family , as they were involved emotionally and i am sure it is not easy – and of course the victims and their families- and everyone- because I truly believe somehow we have gotten off purpose- the purpose to be ALIVE and Enjoy our lives- that would take respecting every other human on the planet…

How desperately miserable one must be to kill others when you want suicide.. not very fair to combine homicide with your demise…where are we off? somewhere for sure… I think we misunderstand our minds… do you have a mind? or Are you your mind??

so sorry for us all…FullSizeRender copy

NINFO… very very important….cause you can never be the same.. old you!

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NINFO  equals new information… of course!

NINFO  is an important new word and category!! Just think of a recipe for soup or something… like that… well you add some new taste and wow! you get a new perspective.. a new taste – perhaps evolvement, but definitely change. Our operating systems can act like that also…. we get ninfo and we digest it and we become (or we don’t) something new.

Ninfo also keeps us in the present, as we no longer rely on our old attitudes,stories, opinions (they are now outdated) you see? I am overexcited about this new tool!! so when you say or hear NINFO !!! you reboot.

no reason to go on and on….FullSizeRender copy

LONELY??? get WAZE !!!!..a GPS to adore

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I drive Uber… which means I think of myself as Cuber,, and I use WAZE!!!! If you are familiar then you know already… if you don’t YOU ARE WELCOME!

I have grown to love waze and of course, as love goes ,  it wasn’t easy… i went through a process of trust,,, just as if it was a person… of course, with a person, or another human, there are so many expectations and  questionables.. waze is an APP and not a human… however… i just could not bring to trust it… which really reflected  my own  issue-  actually it was about 3 weeks before I made the conscious decision that i had this app to give me help and i would use it… no matter what… even if i thought it was Wrong – Waze has more NINFO than i can get on my own…. FYI you get rerouted according to traffic flow and that includes accidents and even police reports- red light cameras etc…  we Humans can’t know these things… one has to be an APP-and connected to whatever!! ( wherever it is) what an amazing thing the internet is! where is it?

on the other hand – there are a couple of things that WAZE  does that “annoy”me….makes a left turn without a light…. and Miami- for one has outgrown that with their traffic patterns, small streets and expanded population.  in my experience… i experience true anxiety crossing North Miami Ave , or any boulevard or avenue and waiting till it becomes opportune. with my head going right and left —-  and Waze likes the back roads… sometimes … i say “WTF”  but all in all I am in Love and I can depend and trust FullSizeRender copy  this WAZE – in the way I wanted to believe in other humans and the relationships we had… Holding them hostage by my desires and judgements… yuk/// i just didn’t know better…. and that is another thought altogether……



Mindfulness- catching balance HERE

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whew this HUMAN – REALITY -stuff – feels very complicated at the moment.
My mind is racing into the future– dragging me down through a morass of fear- blocking the ease of breath – (seems I always lived holding my breath for years and years- sounds familiar?) and I am amazed that I can share it… I so prefer writing from strength..
Called a couple of other humans, but they couldn’t give me what I needed… I need to be reminded by another- another who also wants to speak in the present… I find everyday human conversation pretty confusing….
I have a TEACHER…
getting high with gurumayi – i drive around- listening to her wisdom, feeling her empathy for me and take in her wisdom – as she presents the many ways – I (WE) let go of the “reins” on my mind… and let it take me to the real Shittsville- ( heard that is a good tv program)- maybe I will binge it as I just checked my biorhythm chart…
Biorhythms are energy- I am energy-
letting this energy go into a pool -a swimming pool- I am not suffering anywhere- just in the mind.. if i go there….
Trying to stay HERE!

wowch!!!! mad is easier than sad!! for this human…

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HALLEJUAH LANSBURGH my 6 yr old female cat , a solid member in my catamily started getting ill last week– there were changes in her behavior- like she missed a meal and started hanging out alone somewhere, that I never discovered. (while she was chilling there).. cats are like that…not like dogs…. not like humans or fish… they act like cats… and cats are very very gool!- of course, GOOL is a blend of good and cool…she was losing her vibrancy…. little by little… I gave her medicine, crossed my fingers and prayed… putting off going to the veterinarian, mainly because of the expense. There is a thought I have of shame for not being able to have that flexibility- but i do not.

To get to the point of what I am trying to communicate- Hallie’s systems were on failure- she had been on phenobarb since a kitty because of seizures- perhaps they contributed to the failure of her liver or kidney… that is what they do if they do. sometimes they don’t i guess. sort of like watching television and seeing the ohoh factor of what modern medicine does on the other side… not the benefits..

ANYWAY.. the veterinarian said this cat looks horrible,,, so . euthanasia…holding her as she passed… transcended to another realm ( i believe that)- but my human ness- loves her… is attached and saddens.. a very HUMAN, in this body feeling… ( not evolved enough- i guess) at my best I feel that I am energy living in this body…. but when attachment comes up… wowch!

Again the point! I am not comfortable with sadness. I actively convert it to anger and yesterday i wanted very much to let go of the energy of sad and convert to MAD! Pity the people in the way… I see that it is my normal… to not want to feel any sadness- or that ilk. I can retrace the genesis of the behavior… I can go waaaayyyy back in time – humans were always human and as a little girl i guess i thought that if you are loved… you would be treated that way… or lovingly..humans have their own issues..and if they are reacting to them love’s light dims… truly – it is not the word it is the verb.

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED!! BE HERE NOW…. My teacher in Siddha Yoga-EST- The Power of Now– Ram Butler . The Secret… let me not forget Dianne and Alan Collins.  and on and on, equals my window into serenity… my introduction that life was/is different then the way i was living it… and i felt misplaced…. never into Happily ever after….

ANYWAAAY– I watched and allowed the sad– by just holding it and honoring it…. it doesn’t last forever- I was bingeing on House of Cards to help… it helped … by me not going into mad..and doing some random attack on some poor human who happened to be in my vicinity… I am impressed with how I created the moment and did not let IT create me. KUDOS to the Cube! I learned I hope and think at least for the moment, which is really all we have.

Sad is a feeling I have to explore…. I am not familiar with it… I didn’t allow it.. unknowingly I was on rote behavior… mad creates the crust ( i think) the Fuck you! the Who cares?

its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

Sad… does not leave dead bodies in its wake.. as mad can..

I feel ok- the sad has dissolved back into the energy and is not lingering… at 70 years old I am learning how to create happily!! and that is happy!