Delusional Donald!!!

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Donald is really hilarious right??? If he is the DUDE- everything changes – cuz  of him!- No One is allowed to be very angry and act out!! cause why????  cause how?  I think the problems are a little deeper than that Mr T.-

He reminds me of John Wayne in Shane—He is bigger than….. the world and can handle whatever comes his amazing way! YESSSS- oh Donald- the world isn’t really like the movies- We are Humans on this planet – and it is quite obvious that we are not going in the right direction–and that may not be Hillary Clintons fault- the energy is bigger than her and even bigger than you.

The Energy on this planet is not all about you – we all are the energy- and this planet is pretty angry at the moment- judging from the dissatisfaction  and tragedies that are occurring – Like CHARLOTTE ( could be anywhere USA) could be anywhere most places planet Earth!! Say SYRIA… wow we are making a mess.

The problem,  is always being pin pointed – Humans use their JUDGEMENT- and usually they like to find something or someones to blame- Blame works really well here… RIGHT???? NOO…… Blaming is one way to fight,, one way to criticize to- instigate and hit back harder….. oh my gosh.. It sounds like a very bad scenario to me…the kind of scenario that causes chaos and misery and leaves an ugly wake.

On the news I am watching such fabulous HUMAN ENERGY coming forth to support the fact that we are all the same – Thinking Humans, that want to use their minds and open their hearts… ‘DO UNTO OTHERS…..’ I am quite confident that we all are familiar-  with this  …. and now , it is necessary to implement this – or.. YES everything will get worse-and worse ……

It is not a WINNER -LOSER world …

It is not LIVE and Let Live — it has to change to LIVE AND HELP LIVE!!!!- AND WE AS COLLECTIVE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET might just have to look in the mirror and check for Greed, pettiness, and delusional thoughts… jealousies- all the miseries that come with a mind  that runs wild on its own without the guidance of its Human “owner”/possessor what ever we are- I think it is our mind! and we can use it just like we use everything else we are gifted with…

MINDS!- Use them- Understand them and direct them… if you do — I don’t think you would choose to fight! and call names… what would be the point? Anyone who was present and making a choice, wouldn’t be attracted to that game? right?

Just heard that Cruz is endorsing  Trump!!! that is hilarious too!

change name to Putin… donald we have a chance here and we need a super HUMAN.. here an Avatar… can donald be the man???

REALLY! A PATHOPLOGICAL LIAR!!  lmaoFullSizeRender copy

our minds guys!! lets use them and be great

shhh don’t talk I think we are in a novel….. we really are just watching all this happen…..

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Hillary… what the fukity are you thinking???? Do you hear the Donald??? HE IS CLIMBING UP YOUR LEG AND WILL SOON OVERTAKE YOU !- someone is putting words into his tiny, tiny mouth and he is using words that make him sound SANEish….  not only sane but sensible…a totally different kind of man then  he showed to us.. throughout the primaries and his tv show.We know someone cant morph into another as fast as his transcend-ation has occurred. HE is not for real and unfortunately you are not coming across as a real human either…. authentically- being who you are -and not scheming and planning. Times are achangeing… Humans want more relate-tion and less manipulation.

However, I think it is out of your hands and in the hands of the supreme novelist….The set up for a world debacle is getting – closey- close as Nick Jonas says…  and “boundaries are just a word made up by someone who is afraid to be CLOSE.”

“Oy Vey ” comes in handy here- it really is a Jewish sigh I think. Instead of breathing in and out – we just go OY VEY!!! lol – and I know it is not funny– but in order to enjoy the current state of affairs- Hilarious for sure… CRAZY stuff out here in the energy!!

its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

NO RESTRAINT… anyone????……we know where that goes……war, divorce, abuse……hilarious?

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Yesterday i just couldn’t keep my mouth shut…. i was spewing negativity at my older son– he doesn’t need a critic, he needs a friend. and so do I – I need to be my support system,,,,, patting myself on the back if i need to and oohing and ahhing if i need to….the words and TONE i chose were negative and created negative energy… simply .. that is how it works- (if you work it).!!! a joke…WORDS  have ENERGY (donald)

Anyway, when i say spewing – I mean I was blaming him for something– which i was making up- ( or making a bigger thing out of)  because inside i had feelings of discontent and self judgement sooooooo rather than deal with it- dismiss it and halt the self torment- i tormented someone else!! sounds familiar to most? lovely way to spend time. – makes life really lovely (not)-

Not necessary for a human- it doesn’t have to be our nature- it is our culture-that seems to encourage doing… rather than BEING, I think we should be introduced to being a human– not  the winning- winners – vs losing  and losers kind of garble- that permeates our atmosphere in the western hemisphere. ” over here- over here” where the yanks are cominggggggg. we got lost in history – we are what we are- not what we were…. and that is just perfect. NOW is now… lets be here. ( each of us have our own here)

I am so off the track here- I wanted to praise the tool of restraint in life- it doesn’t seem to come with the package/ recipe/ whatever you want to call us…. humans!– Restraint is a wisdom and a choice…. and such an attractive ingredient to have…. It can be used….and the benefits are instantaneous–However– like any other talent it can be developed if it doesn’t come naturally.- calling names????? reaction I hope – and not a conscious decision… how could anyone choose getting into that kind of dialogue?

Restraint of tongue and pen have been admired for centuries…. now our fingers need restraint also….

no restraint equals no choice!!  reaction equals loss of deciding which way we want to be and which ideas we want to act on…like a sailboat in the wind just being blown around with no direction,,,, we are more than that! we have been given so much- but without restraint…..????


Armegeddon / man- what the heckish?…Implosion??? Explosion?? wowch…

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its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

Wowch!!!!! these times seem trying… if i weren’t  feeling so clear and Gool ……I would probably be reacting to the news and- views and be feeling very very scary!!! and then once again  I would be ruining the only moment that I am 100 percent sure of having… again and again… I could do that. I actually presume I have that choice of thoughts down pat… very very familiar with gloom and doom.. I see the macabre parts of me in my senses / colors, figures, been there done that –  like that!!

The ENERGY on this planet is sure active and moving- and not in a positive direction…The problem is the core of our social culture- what we admire and  what we desire ….What is the difference what we are afraid of ??? we all are afraid of something… we humans certainly use that fear tool a lot…. right?- we are the same- energy and we are destroying the planet– and that energy seems to be picking up steam… FUCKITY!

THINKING…… sorry for all of us- sorry for the losses- of all

self defense gun class? can you just imagine? Oy VEY for sure

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IMG_2757OY VEY is the best word here!! i am not sure the definitive but i definitely know the feeling.. OY VEY OY VEY oy very vey.
People registering for gun self defense… like moi? carrying or packing?? what should i get?? how do i load it?? who should i shoot?
How is that for a paradigm that sucks?
I am always amazed at the end of a drive that I am in a whole body and haven’t left my legs and arms on I 95. Cars are pretty powerful opponents for a human body…just driving guys is pretty amazing when you think about it.

BUT GUNS!!!! guns being driven by scared men and women… carried because they think that if someone comes “in” to shoot them, that they will shoot first and defend! This movie is not going to end well. I can feel the BHAV ( feeling) and it is not Gool. ( remember that gool is good plus cool).  OK GOOL!

I am trying to get a comical take on the situation… but I don’t think I am that clever. Since I first wrote this I am creatively wording – which simply means making up word – right now I want to say Frouble- – meaning fukin trouble..!!!

The only lemonade recipe that I can come up with here,,, is  taking advantage of our moments on this earth… and at least, for me, scanning the crowd to see if i get a hit of fear is not a gool and reliable signal…

most of us humans in human bodies… are a bit “off” anyway… give that scaredy cat some ammo? oy vey. what will they see? how will they respond??

I picture more bodies than I want to see… my opine… I don’t pretend to know the resolution…

Today some sorry , miserably off human shot at members of our Congress-






scary is shitty and your heart contracts.. so watch out! for negative thoughts or the day will be ruined

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I really have to change my ways here… turn off CNN- and listen to the quiet instead of the WHAT IFS coming out of the TV. France is preparing for chemical weapon attacks… that’s great. FEAR.. fear  fear …. for sure , of chemical weapons, I just don’t like to cough uncontrollably until expiration… I am sure of that. … and if that were to be in my future… I would rather not experience  it over and over again (in mind) until the actuallemente!
Challenging ?? for sure… and there have been many challenges to the human race and all other living species.. this is not the first.. However the constant barrage of news is an assault on a nervous system. Luckily, not all humans watch the news… I didn’t until I was of a certain age. I know my grandchildren prefer UTUBE… thank gosh! However, it is difficult to get out of the way of these screaming headlines. Isn’t it??

I do not want to be anything but cheerful and joi de vivre ish  for the rest of the time in this body… I want to enjoy what my eyes see- even if it if happens to be exploding.  I want to wow thru my day. flowing  and having an open flexible mind… not one that is on overload from wolf blitzer and christopher cuomo et al….not to mention myself.. (not doing this though)

I have met a few great people lately, who just seem to want to suffer… so if that is your plan for the week, month or moment… this awful polarity that is going on… with Irs- oops , I mean Isis,  really contributes greatly and can keep you ,or me, or anyone in a constant state of SERIOUSNESS  and Fear. But remember that is not enjoyable.

No matter what is going on somewhere… I am still only HERE. Physically for sure… but mentally – watch out and batten down the hatches… cause if your mind is the decision maker without control…. Boy, this would be as scary as it gets…so far

WOWCH!!! scary scary stuff…so enjoy and be the great spirit you are..

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while we are in our bodies take advantage of the beauty that is all around…. don’t wait to enjoy every breath that you take…cause as I watch the news… the world is turning into a video game or movie where the Baddies of the world are gaining power  by changing all the rules of civility and holding everyone hostage to their own worst nightmares…

As individuals, what can we do?

I refuse to walk around being afraid of every face that i see..suspecting the worst.. of other humans… it is a paradigm of great offense… however… as an individual I have only my own thoughts to keep me free from the terror on the tv and in the streets of Paris… It is horrifying! there is not another way to think about the crimes of ideology and the rights of some to assault the world as we know it and make life so fragile and terrifying..for most of us out here.

It isn’t right! that is right! It isn’t fair! But it IS, nevertheless, happening… how we respond in our minds will really be the way we live… Lemonade recipe- rethink and examine our personal priorities – what would be important in an existence that has suddenly become so fragile and sensitive to the beliefs and will of many others who have no common language to speak with each other… Live and let live.. is threatened on every level.

The Present time is what we really have to deal with,,, our methods of living have been so future oriented.. “what do u want to be when you grow up?”- “one day… I will…. “someday I want to.. etc. Just one person who is motivated by ideas I can’t ingest or digest can blow up every dream and fantasy while they pull a cord or push a button or unload some assault rifle into a crowd of humans they want to annihilate.

The Present can still offer us laughter and satisfaction – good meals, great music, good company having meaningful  moments , however, perhaps we will revalue  and reevaluate our time here on this planet… not take tomorrow for granted, guard ourselves against reaction and take the reins of our minds…make sure we don’t waste this existence driving ourselves crazy with worry about days that may never manifest.

Shit like this – I don’t pretend to comprehend… but i will let it be the impetus for Mindfulness. where I can Enjoy  and not be reduced to living in fear and suspicion and or revenge.

The sun came up this morning… and I will Uber…and be grateful to see the beauty of nature on this planetFullSizeRender copy

an election????? hear the birthers!! ted and donny…scary!!!!!!

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hola… I just cringed when I was listening to the TED and Donald on the steps of the capital show…. , filmed by CNN and i guess everyone else too…. why were they talking like that??? CRAZY talk… talk that wants to arouse people ,make them angry…. we all know how nice it is to be in an atmosphere of ire. Anger is an element of the mental problems we talk about… all the time…so… let’s try not to light a match near gasoline guys.
the donald is the delusional illusionist of all times… he was GUARANTEEING the return of the American hostages immediately upon his being voted into office…”actually,before I’m sworn in” . and he GUARANTEES that a few times…. wow.. what is in his pipe???
Ted is clever… he happily plays the opening act for the D- knowing that he will get the full coverage and benefits with the guilt by association crew…
CLEVER,ARTICULATE< PASSIONATE and divisive- These qualities are great but a dime a dozen….
Where is the man or team of men who who can bring us together???

signed a pledge….. took a vow or more like 3 ….Trump…AMERICA

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are we to take a pledge seriously???? Every time you certify on an agreement that you read it… do you??
After working in the mainstream for a while , in a business atmosphere , here, i’ll say it aloud, a PHONEROOM!!! I felt bad about fudging and glossing but there were “folks” there who would yes when it was no and “of course” when it was really….no way.. they were the leaders on the board…every week. The owners and managers condoned on every level. perhaps …enter at your own risk of course… eat or get eaten, buyer beware, and on and on….. those adages were created out of truth or at the very least some experiences.

I used to pledge allegiance to the flag… like you, one hand on my heart and one toward the sky… it used to give me chills… like i was doing something that adults knew …on my heart!! .if i put my hand on my heart… my gosh… that was my word… how important things were and how much they mattered…. not ever identifying  the they- however always  quite positive  that there was a theyThey were grand … we were grand… AMERICA was good…not just good, they and we were the best. and the best people on earth are supposed to act great right????


when did our word…. change in what  we meant?? remember — u could say anything you wanted to.. but you HAD TO cross your fingers if you were lying… i remember those days… i remember being told that I could fight…. but I couldn’t kick blow the belt…

who signed what ? and so what??

in my opine… it is just a thought… please share this if you know someone you think might enjoy a thought provocation…






Black Lives matter … doesn’t say anyone else’s doesn’t….Stoopid….

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when i hear BLM  — i don’t feel personally threatened.. like mine,  (my life) doesn’t.. or that there is an either/or connected to it. It says BLACK LIVES MATTER.. period.  So…why do.. many people feel  that it affects their life… if they are not blackish. Watching the news can be a jaw dropping ,incredulous sounding experience ( i watch CNN). Some of the opinions about what people think… like.. and who is wrong? who is right? and like the quote says… so who is left?

Sooooooo. What the fuckity to do??

I have watched 12 YEARS A SLAVE  —-at least 6 times… the first time in the theatre perhaps doesn’t register as i was horrified and peeking out thru my fingers at best…really  I didn’t comprehend  what kind of a movie it was( good or bad)  but i knew it sickened me that human to human could be like that. 2 hours plus of that kind of hatred,negativity pouring  out through the screen ,and then   being able to see the visuals- each and every frame filled with unspeakable cruelty juxtapositioned with such indescribable beauty!! ( actually i am so fortunate it to have watched it so many times)-  I mean it is still a movie!

THE POINT …  in my opine …Personally, for me to see the history of slavery so graphically, impacted me to realize… ANGRY.. my gosh yes… !   many people had ancestors existing in that paradigm.  Bet there is a lot of anger in that DNA. I know about the DNA that I myself carry… and have to rethink. (more later-)

We talk about mental problems? what is a mental problem? Mental Problems come from a diseased  mind , perhaps one that is taught to believe it is inferior ( like all of us truly) it gets in the  DNA… and deservedly so ,For Gods Sake!! Perhaps everyone could  just UNDERSTAND … what do u think you get from a person who feels mistreated???  _________? u can fill in your reaction!


Let’s cut each other some slack right away… fuck the process .. or this whole thing is exploding!!!