Everything has an UP SIDE!!…. it is up to us to find it..


maybe the Donald, the POTUS is like a pimple on the planet… In my Opine he represents a large infection…and it is growing into a head…and he is the head pimple on the entire planet!!  people are agreeing that he is crazy now….  not that he is doing anything differently – he never masked his thoughts and negativity… he thrives on what is wrong…. having lived that way myself for most of my life- .. I know what a misery that is poor DONALD (showing compassion)
I often think I am pretty crazy- the way my mind goes off sometimes is really, really incredible- BUT when I see the way his mind works I start to feel like an avatar.. floating in my own sphere of wellness- so much for comparing… his being crazier- really doesn’t make me not crazy…. ( comparing doesn’t work anymore than blaming does… ) How can one be satisfied ever if we indulge in either of those sports!!- ok  a preview here- NOT ALLOWED is blame and compare.

I find the world better than it ever was… no gladiators! that couldn’t have been so fun.- I remember the “good old days.. and a part of me cringes from my lack of consciousness- I grew up when there were separate bathrooms and separate water fountains for people , according to the color of their skin)- I wasn’t the one who was yelling no fair! and marching for others… actually I don’t remember a time that I registered that as a negative… I was not into thinking for myself…  Of course I admire those who did and their conscious courage but I was raised looking outward- and that is where my gaze must have been…

I may be late to the game.. but I am HERE big time. I have been studying with a Guru since 1986- and it shows..that is fortunate for me- if no one else- however i see the fruits in other places- where i used to cause chaos- now i get smiles….( not always) there  is no always.-


INSANE!!! we are what we say.. we hope….Listen this is the truth and it comes to past…..


never a doubt –

Living in the Present...

“I am a UNIFIER!” saethe the donald…. as he speaks fiercely while threatening, blames and name calls…[]]=]

I for one have lived in these situations, (marriage, work, parenting, co-op boards) where this kind of COMMUNICATION  was/is the daily bread of life… and I can saith– NO IT DOESNT WORK… fighting ..etc.. hitting back harder…. leaves a lot of despair and disapointment.. along with the debris of broken promises.. and forgotten dreams..

If one wants to unify- one must be on the same side/team/ and GENUINELY put self interest aside. The paradigm of winning and losing has to flush and flourishing takes over… that is my opine..

The times are absurdly dramatic for us.. and we are seeing our own reflections in the actions and reactions of our common country. ( common to us- not common at all).. c/mon… let’s step into the light here…We Humans have really been doing this…

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VRUGAL – VERY FRUGAL and incredibly freed….

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, love and loving, Miscellaneous

Vrugal is the next step above frugal….. with frugal – one is always thinking about whether one can or one cannot buy- purchase-go-eat etc..so many categories to think of ..mathematical minds etc.

Vrugality – in my experience strips me of even thinking about NEW- eating out- going to- almost everything… and the fmazing part of this – is the bright side! The very blinding bright side of Frugality is freedom….
In so many ways freedom – just think of every time I do not have to second guess my purchases… FOW.. and that is only the start.

FLANGUAGE is a language!!… and is created to make one laugh…..


Foron in lieu of Moron

Living in the Present...

or flaugh– which is fukin laugh- it is like old bathroom talk when we were young – and just a reference to being able to say fuk many ,many times a day- puts a big file on my face.

now that might  not mean much to you- but i think it is VILarious   which is very hilarious of course- and so…. each time I say a flanguage word – giggles occur- and i love the sound of giggles- everyones and of course my own.

here are a list of words that work very well-

flier- fukin liar

flove you fuking love u

fafafa self explanatory

and so on oops i love Fidiot

it is Vimportant (very important) that one does not use any tone with Language- because that would dilute the pleasure- (fleasure) and then the point of humor would dissolve into the same frap that anger produces…Flanguage ‘s…

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It isn’t right or wrong…. it is conscious or unconscious…..


I don’t think we can get it right… if we think there is a right to get….
I mean how can there possibly be one right- and you- ( me ) -they know it…anyone know the one POSSIBLE (fossibility)- just too hard to believe-

However I for one believe the distinction is IS IT CONSCIOUS?? or am I bringing all my old shit and shenanigans to my reaction… ?and therefore UNCONscious-?

really…. how much longer do we want to be that reactive, energy that has no creative say about our finished product- (ourself)Do You know anyone who this reminds you of?

I am laughing of course– cause this makes us all know others who just cannot get it right…. but it is our CONsiousness we are in charge of ….



a GRIN-on is what I am looking for—-long lasting and gratifying….


my favorite way of being alive and awake is laughing- i would say flaughing but I am not sure you parle ….. flanguage –  when I am actually flaughing- there is no other place I would rather be… my favorite sound is the giggle that comes up out of the blue… preferably me… however giggling is gool! no matter who the source.

However– the news and the views of the news can really kill great buzz…. this morning the networks are shaking and rolling to the beat of North Korea’s H-Bomb.. not so Fun or Funderful – listening to the same stuff all day long like it is NEW and.. what people think about what Donald thinks….

I am going (FO-ING)to the beach.. and In Joy my life…

FRukin FRazey… out here… parle FLanguage?

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oh my goshhhhhh…. what do people who don’t listen to the news think about????
I am listening to the description of people FIGHTING and HATING each other about a flag??? really? really? on tv BTW- University of Virginia…
No- not really-
this is about misery – not ideology…. this is about minds that do not support our ownselves- I mean,  who in their right mind wants to march with machetes? a right mind craves enjoyment ( it would seem to me)- not chaos and confusion that lead to unhappiness and contrition- wake up in the morning to that…. ickkk!

I know that rush of righteous anger shit….. let’s label that INSANE. 

Conscious minds wouldn’t choose the  thought that produces that feeling that FLuks you up right away.. right away in the moment- and destroys all Joy and fun.. draining  positive energy… ick  like a gut punch ..we have been there and done that I am sure….Life loses some shine …friendships suffer and remorse takes up fresidence for a long time.


We have the ability to be alive in our bodies (b-hicles) as we choose- that is, if we were choosing….and I grant you  it takes some pretty keen , on point awareness, mixed with some useful tools and tricks also known as MINDfulness…and mindfulness changes the paradigm immediately if not sooner. fafafafa – important NINfo- in the moment everything happens and changes and happens- just like an APP- we can improve… ASAP lets not waste our precious moments anymore being ferks. We really don’t have moments to spare ….

FOR EXAMPLE- if my hand starts waving nonstop- i stop it… it is my hand… so when my mind starts doing the directing of my thoughts- i stop that too. It is my mind and I am using it during the duration.- i wish i knew this earlier in my life- ” regrets….. I have a few. but then again…..”

The question is  ARE YOU YOUR MIND? OR DO YOU HAVE A MIND?-  and that conversation can only get better and more thrilling- like ” wow” this is me” I am an energy and I am in this body- that is Fmazing – just by itself…I am alive!! I am a human with many different support systems built in to my system… and my teacher, GURUMAYI of SiddhaYoga told me that the purpose of this life was to INJOY it.

not my own friend…..equals not a good moment! or life … cause life is in the


fo suah

Living in the Present...


Try to picture time! Try to do anything with time! There is no such thing– not in solid form anyway– it is just a perception, I think. I don’t want to say it- cuz maybe it is something that people have proved that I don’t know about…and I will be WRONG! which is a hilarious subject all to itself… right?

70 years took no time…. today was longer… how does that actually work?I am clueless for sure… I don’t think there is anything there… just illusion and a clock. and of course, an agreed upon  perception,,, even if we don’t know that we are compliant we go along, we meet at certain agreed upon times… school starts at a time we all agree exists…yada

Anyway.. I have been in retrograde for a few days – matching the planets perhaps… but certainly not doing what it takes to feel good…I…

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