Armegeddon / man- what the heckish?…Implosion??? Explosion?? wowch…

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its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

Wowch!!!!! these times seem trying… if i weren’t  feeling so clear and Gool ……I would probably be reacting to the news and- views and be feeling very very scary!!! and then once again  I would be ruining the only moment that I am 100 percent sure of having… again and again… I could do that. I actually presume I have that choice of thoughts down pat… very very familiar with gloom and doom.. I see the macabre parts of me in my senses / colors, figures, been there done that –  like that!!

The ENERGY on this planet is sure active and moving- and not in a positive direction…The problem is the core of our social culture- what we admire and  what we desire ….What is the difference what we are afraid of ??? we all are afraid of something… we humans certainly use that fear tool a lot…. right?- we are the same- energy and we are destroying the planet– and that energy seems to be picking up steam… FUCKITY!

THINKING…… sorry for all of us- sorry for the losses- of all

humans! sorry for us all… Ban blame to begin.. and have compassion… no one would choose misery.. july 8 wowch!!

Being aware ... being awake, being mindful, Miscellaneous

Blaming creates anger, and righteousness and more strife… whose fault is it? the answer to that question is so what and who cares????   this approach never changes what is “hurting”.. does it??   I have lived with that – anger (my own and others) and it is not ok. We take sides? for what? aren’t we all HUMANS?… If you are a Christian read the rules fgs! (for Gods sake).

what is a human?? why don’t we learn how amazing the arc of life is when we are starting it…we are born – we know that- for what?..not for anger- i have never seen an angry blaming baby– rather a baby human filled with wonder and awe at every opportunity it (he or she) has… awesome- that is what life can be… we give it the negativity- we (the humans) as we grow older and shape what we think/ thought without careful mindfulness – just roting our way through life- for the most part we aren’t even there/HERE! Where we can experience the wonder and joy that comes from merely seeing almost anything… or sensing it – ( for those who do  not see)-

whenever I hear or make  a spontaneous wow!!! and it  just comes out with a sound that is not available to me to reproduce… so softly and appreciatively WOOOOOWWWW. oh btw  I drive Uber- I make my people look outside at the unbelievably beautiful mother nature going on…. i love when i hear their genuine pleasure and amazement… and i say ” there – thats the feeling- the feeling of junderment (joy and wonder)!! you just can’t fake it. and it feels so natural – so human- so ….. no words for the feeling but it is contentment and wonder combined…

I feel so sorry for everyone involved in the hate attacks- and that includes the sorry killer and his family , as they were involved emotionally and i am sure it is not easy – and of course the victims and their families- and everyone- because I truly believe somehow we have gotten off purpose- the purpose to be ALIVE and Enjoy our lives- that would take respecting every other human on the planet…

How desperately miserable one must be to kill others when you want suicide.. not very fair to combine homicide with your demise…where are we off? somewhere for sure… I think we misunderstand our minds… do you have a mind? or Are you your mind??

so sorry for us all…FullSizeRender copy

about anger … and hitting back…HELP us we are angry!!

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After watching the video of the young QB on the news …. and listening to the PUNDITS ( i like chris como) and that deal… we need to address the amazingly painful mentalities we (in this  country) seem to harbor…

One need not blow up others or wipe out  children in a kindergarten class to be classified as having mental illness.. so many of our everyday actions qualify as mental… we discussed being ” MAD AT”- I think that is a great one bordering on the senseless. can we call it a mental illness? MAYBE…

I truly believe that we have the wrong education when it comes to our life, body, purpose and emotions… i suggest that the best of us are mentally needy ( hope i am not going overboard)… But truly, who here on this planet… lives in a unified state… mind and body.. surrounded by gratitude and not suffering envy, victimhood,blaming…etc etc etc..???

Live and Let Live has been a paradigm of decency for years… I made a shirt that crosses out the LET and substitutes Help…  ie. Live and Help Live!

As long as we act like we are these people in these bodies… and have no other education as to the possibilities available to us, if we were to use our minds instead of being used by them….

I invite conversation… just saying this… i love to write it!

Bless us all Please


MAD AT???? sounds soo dated to me…right?

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remember when it was/is common and ordinary to say “oh… bobby… i’m mad at him”. there is no real bobby and i am just hypothesizing, howevah!!! I would be as wealthy as the former ellen lansburgh, now identifying her body as the Cube,  if i could be paid   just coins for saying that through out my life..

MAD at!!! it sounds hilarious to me at this juncture of my existence… that anyone in any kind of a mind -state would opt in for MAD-at…we leave the moment, we feel awful, go into inner dialogue and outer dialogue that is boring and unproductive and sucks Joy right out of the recipe for contentment that we are so intending for.( i hope).

i am starting a movement here… Eliminate MAD at– choose Disagree.  or Not on the same page or (maybe i am so new at this ) !!! there must be many more options… don’t waste time being angry at something that  someone else  did, because they wanted too. HURT or Disappointed.. go there, learn in the moment what that other person was thinking or not thinking by their behavior! not by any other BS that we tend to visit upon others and assuming that we have a clue as to what is in their mind chatter. WE DO NOT. we assume and attribute to others… which would be fine if we are very comedic and are making ourselves grin…

just thinking…. this was inspired on Fb by a friends post as to whether she should be mad?  So KB thanks



RAGE ….. not pretty , and hurtful but it is in my soup!!!

Being aware ... being awake, Miscellaneous

rage,angerand very ugly to write about too.  I don’t know if every human being comes equipped with rage?? in my op  we are all so different, in our ingredients and the combinations to our individual recipes for our soup  that make us up,however, i think we all learn the same lessons  in degrees thank the Lord.  or just be thankful!!


when i was little they used to call it the Lansburgh Temper…. those of us, with the same name,dwelling in the same house used to call it… that.  i think i  just thought it was unattached to any of us, but would materialize into a free thinking, free screaming,insulting,name-calling, scarer… Really I can’t recall if we  even had to apologize, much less take any ownership of it.  we never thought it was us – it was our tempers!!! Tantrums really… but unaddressed for sure…

well i learned from experience and taught the same that i learned… therefore, the Lansburgh temper has turned in to another last name due to marriaggy  changing of the name that used to be the norm, , which will go unnamed in deference to my children.



pretend those were mean,evil feeling, nasty names worn by a terrible feeling energy…monster -like voice .  it likes to get in people’s faces too… with no regard for weight differences.. Like a silly chiuahua provoking a Bouvier. When I am watching my thoughts and not acting them out… I picture the energy of anger like a wave and I watch it growing and growing …waiting for me to surf that baby in!! Ride the anger…  I… OMG! that’s so painful.

i think ideally i SHOULD be bigger than I am… oh/oh ..  from there I can easily start this tape, I am not as good as i should should should be. STFU to the shoulds!

Anyway, this is days later and the anger has dissolved…

I am sitting here,,, thinking… should i post this??  maybe there are other people out there who can relate..