NO DYING in the streets!! couldn’t it have been said with more kindness? empathy? awareness?

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FullSizeRender copyDT won’t let us die in the streets! wow – what about living well??
I believe it is time that we convene about this life,  on this planet! We are the only species that actually ignores one another upon a meeting… and we think we are gooL? (good and cool) – of course..

I believe we shape our lives in the moment… and we shape it by the words we choose – they have an instant affect/effect ? on both our psyche and the psyches of all others in listening distance– The energy of the words we choose is most important… they are communication right? pick and choose.. actually we get to create ourselves by our communication… and it is called creative living.. By doing this we eliminate Reaction … and evolve..hopefully- not defined by our yesterdays… able to rethink and be who we admire… admiring ourselves! that is gool!

DYINg in the street just doesn’t make it – there is a lack of compassion that is vast here…it shows in the Donalds choice of words… his ideas are good but the energy he puts into his ideas leave me cold and frightened.. frightened by the humans that are attracted to him and his lack of presence for others..we  have so much opportunity! Opportunity to enjoy our lives … not fight.. not race for the grail…

There is so much talk of living in the Present- however it doesn’t come easily or even naturally in this society–The present is the only time there actually is.. we get to be who we are and who we want to be!!!

If we don’t use mindfulness- then our minds are using us!! scary — just think if our feet wanted to shake and move at their own will… lol

USE your mind.. it is just a mind



CELLphone living ….and panicking elders who are present… or will be presentlyish..


Oh my gosh …. i was in the aldila shop and i couldn’t find my phone…… i mean like i could not find it! I was whipping thru my trusted friend and hand-bag, that is one and the same… i never thought of naming it but now i feel like i was amiss. I have been carrying her for 19 years now,she goeth where i goeth. reliably during the day . I am definitely change the bag at night kind of person. BTW… however nights have been come pretty i raise before the dawn a few times and for real in the 5 clocks.

And nowish out of the blue , inevitably someone notices her (my bag) for one reason or another…. impressed with her age i think.comments on the age of my bag.,, many people are starting to ask “how old is your bag”???? that makes me laugh at loud just thinking about it ….. I am not the “type” of person who changes their handbag… whatever type that is… of course, However… I could change that if I want to… and that is so thrilling.
The thrilling part is that I can create this here Elder (me) to be exactly what i want from scratch…. It is remarkable to me….I feel like all of us on this planet are pioneering age in a new way…. Of course, one aspect of age is from quantity of years alone like our expected life-spans have increased  … then there is the physical evolution that is always going on  ( and you are what you are here) and here we are addressing the body and it’s own life span, … and the other aspect, which i find much more intriguing is the awareness factor that so many humans are embodying for themselves… seems they are being born with the advantage of many voices and informations validating their feelings… and that changes the way we appreciate time… right?? Because… we can choose to be HERE NOW …Personally that was not my experience as was growing… because juxtaposed against authority i felt out of line, and then thought i had no idea and i was dead WRONG…and looked to others to tell me what i thought, who i liked, what i desired … phew

Depending on what tense you are thinking in… really defines whether you are present or not… so, that is a rule…. if that is a rule and you are good at games, what a great tool.. TENSING is . Cause, to be present… one is not really allowed to be in their plans… up the road… or Fear of the Future…. ahhhh my stomach hurts when i just write about it.Not allowed to worry… worry is not in the now. EVER.. we may be fearful in the present… but wasting our precious time worrying about the unknown is mentally ill. I think if one does it a lot of this all of the  time and doesn’t want to change that….. that person needs . some  guidance and straightening out too. . lol AMERICAN mental illness..

You might have to discover an agenda before you can drop it…. I like to refer to them as operating systems VERY IMPORTANT here… and if your thoughts are not  fresh in the moment … perhaps one likes to rehash a conversation… or go over  silly energetic lila that seems to happen in human to human relationship.- a lila is a TO_DO of sorts…. maybe what you have figured out…. about yourself..mulling, mulling, mulling,. one usually goes soaring  into the next level when there are more and more lila lessons…. live and learn.. that goes back a long way..

So I acted cool for me- on the outside…. but  inside went from zero to panic…. “I LOST MY PHONE” ! .. iI will put this panic operating system at the top of the list so i can be more appropriate… like it is not a wild fire… or saracen attack ,but  it is a new – fangled, high tech life out here…. wow…and it is providing the connection we seem to crave and need…

that is all i have here…

anyway it is a great phone because it was where i left it.

RAGE ….. not pretty , and hurtful but it is in my soup!!!

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rage,angerand very ugly to write about too.  I don’t know if every human being comes equipped with rage?? in my op  we are all so different, in our ingredients and the combinations to our individual recipes for our soup  that make us up,however, i think we all learn the same lessons  in degrees thank the Lord.  or just be thankful!!


when i was little they used to call it the Lansburgh Temper…. those of us, with the same name,dwelling in the same house used to call it… that.  i think i  just thought it was unattached to any of us, but would materialize into a free thinking, free screaming,insulting,name-calling, scarer… Really I can’t recall if we  even had to apologize, much less take any ownership of it.  we never thought it was us – it was our tempers!!! Tantrums really… but unaddressed for sure…

well i learned from experience and taught the same that i learned… therefore, the Lansburgh temper has turned in to another last name due to marriaggy  changing of the name that used to be the norm, , which will go unnamed in deference to my children.



pretend those were mean,evil feeling, nasty names worn by a terrible feeling energy…monster -like voice .  it likes to get in people’s faces too… with no regard for weight differences.. Like a silly chiuahua provoking a Bouvier. When I am watching my thoughts and not acting them out… I picture the energy of anger like a wave and I watch it growing and growing …waiting for me to surf that baby in!! Ride the anger…  I… OMG! that’s so painful.

i think ideally i SHOULD be bigger than I am… oh/oh ..  from there I can easily start this tape, I am not as good as i should should should be. STFU to the shoulds!

Anyway, this is days later and the anger has dissolved…

I am sitting here,,, thinking… should i post this??  maybe there are other people out there who can relate..