Black Lives matter … doesn’t say anyone else’s doesn’t….Stoopid….

Being aware ... being awake, chaos, love and loving

when i hear BLM  — i don’t feel personally threatened.. like mine,  (my life) doesn’t.. or that there is an either/or connected to it. It says BLACK LIVES MATTER.. period.  So…why do.. many people feel  that it affects their life… if they are not blackish. Watching the news can be a jaw dropping ,incredulous sounding experience ( i watch CNN). Some of the opinions about what people think… like.. and who is wrong? who is right? and like the quote says… so who is left?

Sooooooo. What the fuckity to do??

I have watched 12 YEARS A SLAVE  —-at least 6 times… the first time in the theatre perhaps doesn’t register as i was horrified and peeking out thru my fingers at best…really  I didn’t comprehend  what kind of a movie it was( good or bad)  but i knew it sickened me that human to human could be like that. 2 hours plus of that kind of hatred,negativity pouring  out through the screen ,and then   being able to see the visuals- each and every frame filled with unspeakable cruelty juxtapositioned with such indescribable beauty!! ( actually i am so fortunate it to have watched it so many times)-  I mean it is still a movie!

THE POINT …  in my opine …Personally, for me to see the history of slavery so graphically, impacted me to realize… ANGRY.. my gosh yes… !   many people had ancestors existing in that paradigm.  Bet there is a lot of anger in that DNA. I know about the DNA that I myself carry… and have to rethink. (more later-)

We talk about mental problems? what is a mental problem? Mental Problems come from a diseased  mind , perhaps one that is taught to believe it is inferior ( like all of us truly) it gets in the  DNA… and deservedly so ,For Gods Sake!! Perhaps everyone could  just UNDERSTAND … what do u think you get from a person who feels mistreated???  _________? u can fill in your reaction!


Let’s cut each other some slack right away… fuck the process .. or this whole thing is exploding!!!