Ego driven just like us… so we seem to think he is GOOL- ( i am not in that group)

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DONALD TRUMP isn’t gool!! Just try saying some of the things that he says… watch the affect on your state of being,,, Oh my gosh,,, negative words and negative thoughts produce a very unhappy feeling … that feeling just follows the thought… mindlessly actually.  it is just the actual path of that energy, And then who actually lives it??? WE/ I  , whoever is the sayer and the thinker do/does. It is no joke – it is setting yourself up for some shitty moments…which happen immediately -and this is  good news , only if you like to spend your days in conflict and judgement.

I want to insert here– that I think most of us genuinely want to be loving- want to be open- wish to be light- hearted… I know that i was so surprised to find life wasn’t like that… for me it was a very very gigantic disappointment- when I finally realized that my story didn’t read like a romantic comedy – practically ever- except perhaps for the 4 months I was out of mind  thinking I was shot by cupid totally out of my mind and in love!! that should be an APP!!.

Because I think it is  sane and sensible- to want to be satisfied and wish others the same good fortune that we  wish for ourselves. AND I THINK THAT NEGATIVE INTENTIONS TOWARD Others  IS A MARK OF INSANITY..and we would all be better to agree here- and aspire to have lives to enjoy and be grateful for.  The main reason I use the word  insane is – BAD THOUGHTS- PRODUCE BAD FEELINGS! and the feelings are what makes up the fabric of our days and then become our life. . the way we spend the minuscule amount of time we have- Valuing our time and ENJOYING our lives is the purpose..and it is not in our best interest to ruin it with negativity.- Because- we are the losers! First and foremost we are not on the right team – our own team…

I think that being Humans with no knowledge of what we are capable of- and just thinking that we are our minds… wearing a body. I think that makes people unconscious first and of course  insane too- and I know I am using the I word easily–The spectrum of mental ILLNESS is large- and every melt down – every moment that we are just reacting, not choosing the  easier way, the more loving way, the more generous and open way we are wasting the moments we are given on this planet- as this being., or this energy!

Creative (living)  thinking requires our full attention– it is like choosing from a menu… “who do I want to be?? How do I want to act? How do I want to love?


really very very GOOL ! good and cool  which is the ultimate way to go thru the moments!IMG_2757

BTW I don’t think DT is the only one acting insanely!! we are off the charts as a country… draft Bloomberg!