RIP… my dear kitten, Kiddo…or its Dawg…

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I am really not sure who is the surviving twin… because I had to see them together, in order to tell them apart…but I know one was a runt and he hid the day I had my friend round up the kittens and take them to get adopted… and that is why he was here and his name was DAWG….

His twin brother is Kiddo… he had made the cut because of his personality…very adorable and playful. and then there were 2 more… in this Catamily we became 1 human creature and 6 feline creatures…(I am the human).

This morning around 4 am after a quick bite everyone ( mom,kiddo, dawg, and Loonie) went out to play. Helen is the mom, btw, not me… I went back to bed. I go back to sleep as it is our custom and that is just the way it is…in our house.

Everyone was home except for one… I just assumed it was Kiddo that stayed out cuz he is so boyish, fun and energetic… but at a certain hour it was uncomfortably strangish feeling  and me and Helen went out to see where he was…we walked and we both lolled around different places we thought he might be… he was not…

I asked a man on the grounds if he had seen a golden cat…. he had… it had been playing and laughing in the street- and had gotten in the way of a car…

We are sad… And we, me and my catamily  feel incredibly fortunate to have loved that katten, he was only 2 1/2 months or so old…and there will be a space of emptiness for bit…and life will fill it…

My granddaughter can tell the cats apart.. or Kathy can,  so I will find out who it is…by name anyway… This is a photo of the guy on the chair…IMG_2378

My stomach hurts a bit… these were the feelings I always thought I wasn’t strong enough to bear… I am.


Crazy Cat woman,,,,.who me?

Being aware ... being awake, love and loving, Miscellaneous

how did this occur??? don’t u wonder sometimes??? just now the hell… did I, me become a CRAZYYY CAT WOMAN?

Unfortunately i feel a bit speechless, which does not exactly lend itself to typing….lol .
I have a Catamily… that is who i live with… and they are my life.  we LIVE TOGETHER! well there is Blisster, Hallelujah, Loonie, Helen, and we were recently blessed with Kiddo and Dawg….. counting up.. i get 6…and they are just the ones with keys to the door. On my front porch i have… clare and clare ( they looked alike and came from the same litter) and Sambo(a) who is clare’s offspring and whom i must have fixed very very soon… or ….we know the ending to that story..

Also I know all of the cats who live in this building… there are many,  and many people who are constantly unhappy that there are so many cats in this building. I don’t like bumping into them (figuratively) cuz they think of me as a CRAZY CAT LADY… which seems to me a bit bazaar… However.. I seem to fit the resume here… i have the qualifications… right? just fostered a litter of 6,, feed gosh knows how many daily.. and sleep with 6 if  I get lucky. Last night they all showed up…. they were getting some blue vibrations from me… all of them  appeared  and  just hung out… watching me read.. coming up for a touch. so sweet.

I talk to them personally of course, and realize that I got that training from playing with dolls and giving them voice too. sometimes i get to sharpen those skills by playing Barbie with my youngest granddaughter … however, these Felines  are real creatures, who are not in a human body like me… expressing every feeling that i have….and i might add give me a constant source of Love.. if i am aware enough and centered enough to receive it…  This is sort of a confessional of some sort… and i am just going to PUSH the Publish button… what the heck!!!!