NO DYING in the streets!! couldn’t it have been said with more kindness? empathy? awareness?

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FullSizeRender copyDT won’t let us die in the streets! wow – what about living well??
I believe it is time that we convene about this life,  on this planet! We are the only species that actually ignores one another upon a meeting… and we think we are gooL? (good and cool) – of course..

I believe we shape our lives in the moment… and we shape it by the words we choose – they have an instant affect/effect ? on both our psyche and the psyches of all others in listening distance– The energy of the words we choose is most important… they are communication right? pick and choose.. actually we get to create ourselves by our communication… and it is called creative living.. By doing this we eliminate Reaction … and evolve..hopefully- not defined by our yesterdays… able to rethink and be who we admire… admiring ourselves! that is gool!

DYINg in the street just doesn’t make it – there is a lack of compassion that is vast here…it shows in the Donalds choice of words… his ideas are good but the energy he puts into his ideas leave me cold and frightened.. frightened by the humans that are attracted to him and his lack of presence for others..we  have so much opportunity! Opportunity to enjoy our lives … not fight.. not race for the grail…

There is so much talk of living in the Present- however it doesn’t come easily or even naturally in this society–The present is the only time there actually is.. we get to be who we are and who we want to be!!!

If we don’t use mindfulness- then our minds are using us!! scary — just think if our feet wanted to shake and move at their own will… lol

USE your mind.. it is just a mind



about donald…compassion???


compassion is a hard one to achieve…

to feel for other people (humans), other creatures,  existence in general etc… to share knowledge that life can be very difficult and challenging..and cut others a soft spot.. while you wish them well.

as i watch and listen to the news… i see improvement for The D… experience is the best teacher… he has many good qualities. 1. creativity,smarts, money so he will not owe anyone anything for their support.. (that is quite a plus for a leader)  however…
compassion is the missing ingredient.. thus, his TONE reflects disdain and animosity,  his competitiveness,(appalling) he has a lack of magnanimity.. which really is the most attractive a human can be…at least in my opine.

he judges from his position… too much right and wrong… defending his positions while we hear his predilection for name calling!!  so COOL.

we don’t need more people in our life who operate like this!!! this whole paradigm is changing cause it has to… or as they say in war “who’s right and who’s LEFT?’  great saying …. that one.