Delusional Donald!!!

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Donald is really hilarious right??? If he is the DUDE- everything changes – cuz  of him!- No One is allowed to be very angry and act out!! cause why????  cause how?  I think the problems are a little deeper than that Mr T.-

He reminds me of John Wayne in Shane—He is bigger than….. the world and can handle whatever comes his amazing way! YESSSS- oh Donald- the world isn’t really like the movies- We are Humans on this planet – and it is quite obvious that we are not going in the right direction–and that may not be Hillary Clintons fault- the energy is bigger than her and even bigger than you.

The Energy on this planet is not all about you – we all are the energy- and this planet is pretty angry at the moment- judging from the dissatisfaction  and tragedies that are occurring – Like CHARLOTTE ( could be anywhere USA) could be anywhere most places planet Earth!! Say SYRIA… wow we are making a mess.

The problem,  is always being pin pointed – Humans use their JUDGEMENT- and usually they like to find something or someones to blame- Blame works really well here… RIGHT???? NOO…… Blaming is one way to fight,, one way to criticize to- instigate and hit back harder….. oh my gosh.. It sounds like a very bad scenario to me…the kind of scenario that causes chaos and misery and leaves an ugly wake.

On the news I am watching such fabulous HUMAN ENERGY coming forth to support the fact that we are all the same – Thinking Humans, that want to use their minds and open their hearts… ‘DO UNTO OTHERS…..’ I am quite confident that we all are familiar-  with this  …. and now , it is necessary to implement this – or.. YES everything will get worse-and worse ……

It is not a WINNER -LOSER world …

It is not LIVE and Let Live — it has to change to LIVE AND HELP LIVE!!!!- AND WE AS COLLECTIVE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET might just have to look in the mirror and check for Greed, pettiness, and delusional thoughts… jealousies- all the miseries that come with a mind  that runs wild on its own without the guidance of its Human “owner”/possessor what ever we are- I think it is our mind! and we can use it just like we use everything else we are gifted with…

MINDS!- Use them- Understand them and direct them… if you do — I don’t think you would choose to fight! and call names… what would be the point? Anyone who was present and making a choice, wouldn’t be attracted to that game? right?

Just heard that Cruz is endorsing  Trump!!! that is hilarious too!

change name to Putin… donald we have a chance here and we need a super HUMAN.. here an Avatar… can donald be the man???

REALLY! A PATHOPLOGICAL LIAR!!  lmaoFullSizeRender copy

our minds guys!! lets use them and be great

I DIDNT START IT!! oh my gosh

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where are we??? what is the dialogue that we share really like????

I am struggling with my own reactions at the moment…. but …I take responsibility for the fact that they are my reactions! Whatever the ‘awful, jerky,s toopid, fucked- up other  did or said… It is me who is responsible for my own actions…and Reactions.

In my opine- that is the rule of truth… blaming just doesn’t change anything-

it all lies in the action or the reaction…. and as we Evolve into the Humans we actually can be——– for my part I must give up playing in the field of blame and fault..which of course is the breeding ground of resentment, which of course is the path to a shitty day, life, etc.

This requires mindfulness of course- and mindfulness requires total presence- or at least the commitment – mindfulness can’t be taken for granted… it is an action. and intention.. its rewards are in the moment and for me can not be equaled. Cleaning up after the mess of raw rage and anger is a pretty ugly job..anyone who has been there knows.. a real BUZZ KILL! lol

I can’t solve this one… it takes real vigilance, intention, and maturity ( it seems)-

REACTION – wow it could bring the world to its knees!IMG_2757

Human relationships are the playing field of equilibrium…

Starting it??? what is IT?




INSANE!!! we are what we say.. we hope….Listen this is the truth and it comes to past…..

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“I am a UNIFIER!” saethe the donald…. as he speaks fiercely while threatening, blames and name calls…[]]=]

I for one have lived in these situations, (marriage, work, parenting, co-op boards) where this kind of COMMUNICATION  was/is the daily bread of life… and I can saith– NO IT DOESNT WORK… fighting ..etc.. hitting back harder…. leaves a lot of despair and disapointment.. along with the debris of broken promises.. and forgotten dreams..

If one wants to unify- one must be on the same side/team/ and GENUINELY put self interest aside. The paradigm of winning and losing has to flush and flourishing takes over… that is my opine..

The times are absurdly dramatic for us.. and we are seeing our own reflections in the actions and reactions of our common country. ( common to us- not common at all).. c/mon… let’s step into the light here…We Humans have really been doing this sort of wrong.. i think, I think that our existence is so amazing and we take it for granted every day– just by going on rote..doing our regular things, maybe not rethinking who we are and what that means…caught up in the current – body and mind separated- dancing as fast as we can… being in the unhappy people club… over-flowing from the planet soon… and endless. misery making- words.

A friend of mine said that she “thought- that donald would be different if he was elected” I said – you HOPE- she said she thought… how can u think that?

its cool ... to be kind

its cool … to be kind

Ego driven just like us… so we seem to think he is GOOL- ( i am not in that group)

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DONALD TRUMP isn’t gool!! Just try saying some of the things that he says… watch the affect on your state of being,,, Oh my gosh,,, negative words and negative thoughts produce a very unhappy feeling … that feeling just follows the thought… mindlessly actually.  it is just the actual path of that energy, And then who actually lives it??? WE/ I  , whoever is the sayer and the thinker do/does. It is no joke – it is setting yourself up for some shitty moments…which happen immediately -and this is  good news , only if you like to spend your days in conflict and judgement.

I want to insert here– that I think most of us genuinely want to be loving- want to be open- wish to be light- hearted… I know that i was so surprised to find life wasn’t like that… for me it was a very very gigantic disappointment- when I finally realized that my story didn’t read like a romantic comedy – practically ever- except perhaps for the 4 months I was out of mind  thinking I was shot by cupid totally out of my mind and in love!! that should be an APP!!.

Because I think it is  sane and sensible- to want to be satisfied and wish others the same good fortune that we  wish for ourselves. AND I THINK THAT NEGATIVE INTENTIONS TOWARD Others  IS A MARK OF INSANITY..and we would all be better to agree here- and aspire to have lives to enjoy and be grateful for.  The main reason I use the word  insane is – BAD THOUGHTS- PRODUCE BAD FEELINGS! and the feelings are what makes up the fabric of our days and then become our life. . the way we spend the minuscule amount of time we have- Valuing our time and ENJOYING our lives is the purpose..and it is not in our best interest to ruin it with negativity.- Because- we are the losers! First and foremost we are not on the right team – our own team…

I think that being Humans with no knowledge of what we are capable of- and just thinking that we are our minds… wearing a body. I think that makes people unconscious first and of course  insane too- and I know I am using the I word easily–The spectrum of mental ILLNESS is large- and every melt down – every moment that we are just reacting, not choosing the  easier way, the more loving way, the more generous and open way we are wasting the moments we are given on this planet- as this being., or this energy!

Creative (living)  thinking requires our full attention– it is like choosing from a menu… “who do I want to be?? How do I want to act? How do I want to love?


really very very GOOL ! good and cool  which is the ultimate way to go thru the moments!IMG_2757

BTW I don’t think DT is the only one acting insanely!! we are off the charts as a country… draft Bloomberg!







Mean… and tough …..are two different animals right?

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I am listening to the hilarious back and forths that are going non -stop on the news… Donald is orange… marco is little… small hands on the trump man… and we certainly know what that means!! Marco says pow… donald says pow… pow!!  actually, on Cnn right now Chris Cuomo is showing Marco talking about the sweat!!  and clogged pores for poor donald. Jimmy Fallon is energized , comedy writers are inspired!

HOWEVER,  mean is petty.. and not strong…Mean is awful and something not to be energized…. we all have enough of our own meanness  to deal with ( that is my personal opine, after living this long)..without being attracted to the negativity loving energy of others. Unfortunately, negative energy has its own appeal… sometimes it is the only way, it seems that we  can feel free to express ourselves,,,,, once again it is CERTAINLY and guaranteed  a  . no fun way to spend the moment , much less the day or longer… god forbid!! lol… truly how long do you give your negative thoughts room to survive??? answer quietly … no judging here.

So what is a STRONG human like????  I don’t think he is mean…. It certainly is Cool to be kind.FullSizeRender copy right???







NO DYING in the streets!! couldn’t it have been said with more kindness? empathy? awareness?

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FullSizeRender copyDT won’t let us die in the streets! wow – what about living well??
I believe it is time that we convene about this life,  on this planet! We are the only species that actually ignores one another upon a meeting… and we think we are gooL? (good and cool) – of course..

I believe we shape our lives in the moment… and we shape it by the words we choose – they have an instant affect/effect ? on both our psyche and the psyches of all others in listening distance– The energy of the words we choose is most important… they are communication right? pick and choose.. actually we get to create ourselves by our communication… and it is called creative living.. By doing this we eliminate Reaction … and evolve..hopefully- not defined by our yesterdays… able to rethink and be who we admire… admiring ourselves! that is gool!

DYINg in the street just doesn’t make it – there is a lack of compassion that is vast here…it shows in the Donalds choice of words… his ideas are good but the energy he puts into his ideas leave me cold and frightened.. frightened by the humans that are attracted to him and his lack of presence for others..we  have so much opportunity! Opportunity to enjoy our lives … not fight.. not race for the grail…

There is so much talk of living in the Present- however it doesn’t come easily or even naturally in this society–The present is the only time there actually is.. we get to be who we are and who we want to be!!!

If we don’t use mindfulness- then our minds are using us!! scary — just think if our feet wanted to shake and move at their own will… lol

USE your mind.. it is just a mind



Trump … scares the crap out of me with his edgy,threatening, TONE


got to say this… what the hell is happening? i agree that donald trump is entertaining.. smart.. Rich.. and makes all the other candidates look like careful, rigid,and scripted not to offend… kind of guys… so..
however, more important than anything, his dangerous, attacking, persona always on the available.. and not self-censored in the least. I bet all of us have either been that Bully or knew that bully and didn’t want to be around him(her). DANGEROUS..
did u catch the edge in his face?? in his tone???? I immediately dove into an open bag of semi-sweets, publix brand, inferior to any other, btw, and stuffed in a very non aware way… cuz there was scary in the room . vis-a-vis the television … personally, i think that is a sign of something quite off the mark…
don’t u?
and was he kidding when he sent a tweet about an old issue with Fox news…get over it baby.. Reaction is not choice of behavior… it is immature and not fully developed.
i think that we have to look at ourselves here… why… such an unattractive reflection…
i was listening because i am not sure it really matters who is the president.. so in that case.. why not mr t? Cuz he is too f-ing nasty,,, and that is what i have to say.

cats.. all over the tables.. what is important? ..who decides?.. whadevah…

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i feel like the mom of two, 7 yr old little guys  (kittens that are 2 months) and watching them is sweet fun…. they are in heaven when  they live in my home.. along with 4 more adult versions, my catamily, cause it is  decorated in the Sandford and Sons style of well used …and doncha  worry about it, there  is truthfully nothing for them to ruin except the art…

i always found a certain freedom to not caring about things and things…Like, it seemed if i invested actual  real caring and attachment to an  item.. it(the item) was then in a position of power over me… in a way… so. i liked not having it be new… i liked old … cause really how long is new able to say I AM NEW!!! i don’t think very long…I figured this out while I was  very very young… and for sure it had it’s yin and yang… cuz CARING is everything …..FORGODSSAKE! and CARING takes courage.

this stream of consciousness is going into ..value.. i think… who really knows…?? “sustained attention”  , is what Ken Burns was articulating as the element that gives Value or even reality  to a thing… situation… relationship…moment in our life..any and everything… i find that to be such an interesting thought, really   a great explanation of how… right?  BTW…listen to the interview with ken burns.. it was fascinating to say the least!

because, since i was small i have always wondered WHY? and how come?? and now that i am in the ladder years of this incarnation as ellenlansburgh i am always trying to catch the moment.. and give it some value … it is hard for me to RELAX.. and just be….with no strings attached..and no inner demand of myself, that i don’t actually say, but still feel on a physical level going thru my veins or whatever else is in become… and not be.

so when the PRESENT is actually all there is… that is the only time I can enjoy it… otherwise. i have some programs to reprogram lol….and i am not where my body is…. so where is that??? and who knows?? none.. which is why we might as well give Donald a chance..

ReallY??? who knows?



Donald … KNOWS.. and that sounds great… but no one really knows…

Being aware ... being awake

for the last 24 i have been in a sort of quandary here…. ” i just don’t know what to do with myself…….” so uncomfy in my own skin…. which is a story unto itself… ( the skin) i mean. really disregard this subject   and lets move on….

But it is 9:00 am and i can hear the commentary… i thank the Lord for this…

However, is the donald a reflection of Us in the USA??? apparently he must be… that is the scariest part of the whole thing… for what reason do the supporters of the Trumpster attractivate  towards him?? Could it be the BOMB THE BASTARDS  attitude.. or are we looking for someone who we attribute the attributes of being able to save us…?   I find this to be pretty common… at least in my own life, always looking for someone to SAVE me.  Save me from what?? we each have to look inside to answer this privately and truthfully with ourSELF.

I don’t even know… it is the unknowable  abyss  of WHO THE HELL KNOWS that sends shivers..yet from the looking point of this… we have a lot of things to reconsider here… we being all creatures with the ability  or not to work, vote, talk, humanize etc.. my Catamily  doesn’t give me and my opinions about Donald or anyone else any attention… they do respond , in fact, to kindness, care, affection, dependability,  etc( here too.)

All my life, at the very very core of my being was the fear that i didn’t know … much and was personally unavailable to care for myself… THEREFORE, enter anyone… I would immediately, on a cellular level, root them in, as a super hero, caped,  to grab my hand, right before i went down the figurative drain, and somehow SAVE me..

Donald talks like he knows…. and that is what is so attractive, at least in my opine… I feel that down in the cells of many of us is a secret… fearful, confused, wonderment of can i handle this??? so eager to pass the buck.. so sure that , not knowing could not possibly be the safest and most correct place to be coming from…  so enter , the KNOWER. and everyone falls down from relief and crossed their fingers and their hearts…..thinking they are saved from …. themselves.  So we take a breath of relief and hand over the situation and the problem relieved that we are out of the position.. and pass on all responsibility to someone, anyone ELSE.

… and i will hand over all that fear… because  i think they know and i, on the other hand,  could never know… and i will PRETEND that everything is under control and going in the right direction.. I guess u could surmise this story and it’s organic ridiculousness.. because…..

NO ONE KNOWS…we are not even supposed to know…. if we act in the moment while using  the information that we actually have learned and experienced … we will be able to act in a conscious way, while we (once again) actually are in the correct position to make the decision that we NEED to make with all of the right ingredients..

The ingredients are not blathering, and pontificating, not diminishing others in order to accentuate our own worth… The ingredients, are WISDOM, SELF REFLECTION, EXPERIENCE, ADMIRATION OF Others… Learning from the experiences of all others, this is the kind of mentality that we must elect…. This is the mentality that should and would inspire our own

More than what they would do…. i am attracted to how they do it…. Like my catamily, I wish to respond.. to the Virtues that make life awesome,,,, and add to all humanity and the creatures that this earth supports..RESPECT… HUMILITY… COURAGE..INTEGRITY let’s let our leaders reflect these instead of the fear… , anger, and uncomfortability that makes us so comfortable.





Donald…smart.. acting smarter….a SUPERHERO! what a plot


This was Mission Impossible!!   the… donald running for president of the USA…like an AYN RAND novel… here is a man who could be relaxing in his Elder years. I believe he has money…. he has said so… enough to go out quietly… with his new babies and new family… enjoying, shopping, whatever one can do with billions of $$$$.

BUT NOOOOO… this selfless man wants to save the country!  How totally without ego goodness, he is never …able to sit down to a homemade meal … just for our sakes and to save the country.. from the morons who are in Washington…

I hope he wears a cape on thursday night!!

that would be great.