MAD AT???? sounds soo dated to me…right?

Being aware ... being awake, love and loving

remember when it was/is common and ordinary to say “oh… bobby… i’m mad at him”. there is no real bobby and i am just hypothesizing, howevah!!! I would be as wealthy as the former ellen lansburgh, now identifying her body as the Cube,  if i could be paid   just coins for saying that through out my life..

MAD at!!! it sounds hilarious to me at this juncture of my existence… that anyone in any kind of a mind -state would opt in for MAD-at…we leave the moment, we feel awful, go into inner dialogue and outer dialogue that is boring and unproductive and sucks Joy right out of the recipe for contentment that we are so intending for.( i hope).

i am starting a movement here… Eliminate MAD at– choose Disagree.  or Not on the same page or (maybe i am so new at this ) !!! there must be many more options… don’t waste time being angry at something that  someone else  did, because they wanted too. HURT or Disappointed.. go there, learn in the moment what that other person was thinking or not thinking by their behavior! not by any other BS that we tend to visit upon others and assuming that we have a clue as to what is in their mind chatter. WE DO NOT. we assume and attribute to others… which would be fine if we are very comedic and are making ourselves grin…

just thinking…. this was inspired on Fb by a friends post as to whether she should be mad?  So KB thanks