Mean… and tough …..are two different animals right?

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I am listening to the hilarious back and forths that are going non -stop on the news… Donald is orange… marco is little… small hands on the trump man… and we certainly know what that means!! Marco says pow… donald says pow… pow!!  actually, on Cnn right now Chris Cuomo is showing Marco talking about the sweat!!  and clogged pores for poor donald. Jimmy Fallon is energized , comedy writers are inspired!

HOWEVER,  mean is petty.. and not strong…Mean is awful and something not to be energized…. we all have enough of our own meanness  to deal with ( that is my personal opine, after living this long)..without being attracted to the negativity loving energy of others. Unfortunately, negative energy has its own appeal… sometimes it is the only way, it seems that we  can feel free to express ourselves,,,,, once again it is CERTAINLY and guaranteed  a  . no fun way to spend the moment , much less the day or longer… god forbid!! lol… truly how long do you give your negative thoughts room to survive??? answer quietly … no judging here.

So what is a STRONG human like????  I don’t think he is mean…. It certainly is Cool to be kind.FullSizeRender copy right???