GOOL – the state and the Ninfo— a must read! lol for serious presencers-a rule

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so far for me Gool ,,is


the perfection-  it is the buck stops here , kinda place – happy is achieved- it disallows the possibility of happier-  and  it is not buggered in any way by the mind- my mind in this case- your mind in your cases— AND the fact that  no other person really will ever know your state- so GOOL is personal. we are the definers of our own  Gool.- that is the cosmic joke– how personal this existence truly is. No matter if we think other people are involved or not.- what seems to be … just seems to be ,,, think a bit differently about it and it dissolves… away to exactly the place it originated in… the ether? the whatever? the atmosphere? call it what you will… it isn’t even there.

sooooo-any time that one wastes-thinking about what someone else is thinking about………. oh my god- you can blow it big time!!!! It representing our  existence or our lives in these bodies. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHAT ANOTHER THINKS-and that is a rule. Please repeat that and repeat that and repeat….. it is impossible to know or think you know what someone else is thinking…. And worst than that…. it is a complete waste of time to listen to someone who is telling you what they think someone else is thinking….. impossible to follow …. yet we do it and do it… it keeps CNN and Fox news going …. and nothing real is being said…just opinions and what ifs for the most part.

It seems we are  given a life span at our birth- us as energy  enter the DNA that we are going to wear ( a baby human) and become a Human for the duration of that existence, no matter how long it lasts… ( a short lifetime – or a lengthy time.)  one day old or 100 yrs old.

Today I had an aha- to enjoy ones life – one has to enjoy ones own mind!! otherwise… i know you know what i am talking about here… Hell on earth is between our ears and it is available 24/7- if you want it chaos and dissatisfaction,,, there it is on the menu!

a rule-  NO ONE KNOWS WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS …. AND NEVER WILL ( unless they are told)FullSizeRender copy

Elders … there is old and there is obsolete..u must get old..

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its cool to be kind

its cool to be kind

We all grow til we go.… so some of us are going to get OLD… I know most people react to that word… worse than any 4 letter word i know…” I am the same as I was” BS… that is not the point to be the same…!. it is to change and relish the change…

Obsolete is another story, however.. and that is by choice, not destiny. I listen to popular music.. and I get to  share it with my grandchildren, who are being taught and guided by their generation, not mine. I happen to admire the voices (opinions) of the musicians , some of the songs are such valuable teaching lessons – that Colbie… ( TRY) supports …emotional health and communication with oneself… this generation will be saved by this wisdom ( i think) , of course they will need all the early wisdom they can absorb, it seems, to deal with the threats thriving on this planet.

I have never felt better about myself in my whole life… and none of that is coming from outside influences…no money, no job, no vacations etc…. no distractions, actually has made it easier for me.. i think.. I no longer have a list of things that I want.. ( so nice) I have changed the way i conduct my own conversations… i don’t play what if or what i would do if … I find that incredibly boring rhetoric, and I no longer want to listen to other peoples what ifs either.. Not allowed if I want to be here now.. thank you Ram Dass.

Mindfulness is presence.. and that never ages… never is it  irrelevant.. In fact, wisdom is a most attractive quality.. Many cultures knew that and celebrate their elders.. and yet it is not available if you don’t seek it… and honor it…still talking about wisdom here.

Collaborative energy is such a turn on… talent supporting and playing with other talents produces a whole new body of better, merged ideas.. a cacophony of great ideas .. i love it.. it supports, it doesn’t compete with, or detract from… it just grows  ..

rainy day thoughts…. turned off the noise and i hear …

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the rain… and the thunder… and sometimes i think an overhead airplane is thunder… and it is a little spooky i think… because I usually have the television on listening to my intimate pals at CNN or I listen to the wisdom of my Teacher..I have all of recorded messages through the years… Each one fill me with wisdom and energy or I should say refill me if necessary…. and I need that knowledge daily…. and I made myself turn the NOISE off…
there is a buzz to the silence… i hear the tapping of this keyboard as if it was loud!! lol crazy… right??? This is an esoteric thought…. but… isn’t this whole “gig” we do here on earth a pretty amazing ride??? I am this Cubiclegirl70 at the moment…. just creating her to be the energy i enjoy– ( I am the Energy, of course)… it is fun to be in her person… she is cool… relevant, and pretty funny… ( i do thank God for that)
However, as Ellen Lansburgh
Sometimes… I take it so seriously.. and for the most part that is a buzzkill!

and FYI  if you care.. Elders begin at 70… and you can be a baby elder til you are about 72 1/2 ???? then toddler elder then … you can imagine… however elder keeps going .. until you no longer need to be defined by your age … and your body  has passed..

I know!!! SUPER ELDER!!!!

btw please reply if u have any thoughts on the subject..

CELLphone living ….and panicking elders who are present… or will be presentlyish..


Oh my gosh …. i was in the aldila shop and i couldn’t find my phone…… i mean like i could not find it! I was whipping thru my trusted friend and hand-bag, that is one and the same… i never thought of naming it but now i feel like i was amiss. I have been carrying her for 19 years now,she goeth where i goeth. reliably during the day . I am definitely change the bag at night kind of person. BTW… however nights have been come pretty i raise before the dawn a few times and for real in the 5 clocks.

And nowish out of the blue , inevitably someone notices her (my bag) for one reason or another…. impressed with her age i think.comments on the age of my bag.,, many people are starting to ask “how old is your bag”???? that makes me laugh at loud just thinking about it ….. I am not the “type” of person who changes their handbag… whatever type that is… of course, However… I could change that if I want to… and that is so thrilling.
The thrilling part is that I can create this here Elder (me) to be exactly what i want from scratch…. It is remarkable to me….I feel like all of us on this planet are pioneering age in a new way…. Of course, one aspect of age is from quantity of years alone like our expected life-spans have increased  … then there is the physical evolution that is always going on  ( and you are what you are here) and here we are addressing the body and it’s own life span, … and the other aspect, which i find much more intriguing is the awareness factor that so many humans are embodying for themselves… seems they are being born with the advantage of many voices and informations validating their feelings… and that changes the way we appreciate time… right?? Because… we can choose to be HERE NOW …Personally that was not my experience as was growing… because juxtaposed against authority i felt out of line, and then thought i had no idea and i was dead WRONG…and looked to others to tell me what i thought, who i liked, what i desired … phew

Depending on what tense you are thinking in… really defines whether you are present or not… so, that is a rule…. if that is a rule and you are good at games, what a great tool.. TENSING is . Cause, to be present… one is not really allowed to be in their plans… up the road… or Fear of the Future…. ahhhh my stomach hurts when i just write about it.Not allowed to worry… worry is not in the now. EVER.. we may be fearful in the present… but wasting our precious time worrying about the unknown is mentally ill. I think if one does it a lot of this all of the  time and doesn’t want to change that….. that person needs . some  guidance and straightening out too. . lol AMERICAN mental illness..

You might have to discover an agenda before you can drop it…. I like to refer to them as operating systems VERY IMPORTANT here… and if your thoughts are not  fresh in the moment … perhaps one likes to rehash a conversation… or go over  silly energetic lila that seems to happen in human to human relationship.- a lila is a TO_DO of sorts…. maybe what you have figured out…. about yourself..mulling, mulling, mulling,. one usually goes soaring  into the next level when there are more and more lila lessons…. live and learn.. that goes back a long way..

So I acted cool for me- on the outside…. but  inside went from zero to panic…. “I LOST MY PHONE” ! .. iI will put this panic operating system at the top of the list so i can be more appropriate… like it is not a wild fire… or saracen attack ,but  it is a new – fangled, high tech life out here…. wow…and it is providing the connection we seem to crave and need…

that is all i have here…

anyway it is a great phone because it was where i left it.

cats.. all over the tables.. what is important? ..who decides?.. whadevah…

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i feel like the mom of two, 7 yr old little guys  (kittens that are 2 months) and watching them is sweet fun…. they are in heaven when  they live in my home.. along with 4 more adult versions, my catamily, cause it is  decorated in the Sandford and Sons style of well used …and doncha  worry about it, there  is truthfully nothing for them to ruin except the art…

i always found a certain freedom to not caring about things and things…Like, it seemed if i invested actual  real caring and attachment to an  item.. it(the item) was then in a position of power over me… in a way… so. i liked not having it be new… i liked old … cause really how long is new able to say I AM NEW!!! i don’t think very long…I figured this out while I was  very very young… and for sure it had it’s yin and yang… cuz CARING is everything …..FORGODSSAKE! and CARING takes courage.

this stream of consciousness is going into ..value.. i think… who really knows…?? “sustained attention”  , is what Ken Burns was articulating as the element that gives Value or even reality  to a thing… situation… relationship…moment in our life..any and everything… i find that to be such an interesting thought, really   a great explanation of how… right?  BTW…listen to the interview with ken burns.. it was fascinating to say the least!

because, since i was small i have always wondered WHY? and how come?? and now that i am in the ladder years of this incarnation as ellenlansburgh i am always trying to catch the moment.. and give it some value … it is hard for me to RELAX.. and just be….with no strings attached..and no inner demand of myself, that i don’t actually say, but still feel on a physical level going thru my veins or whatever else is in become… and not be.

so when the PRESENT is actually all there is… that is the only time I can enjoy it… otherwise. i have some programs to reprogram lol….and i am not where my body is…. so where is that??? and who knows?? none.. which is why we might as well give Donald a chance..

ReallY??? who knows?



Jimmy Carter… King of Elder Cool…

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it was an absolute honor to listen to President Carter.... and watch a very present human being who was and is grateful for his life….his life that gets ONE body to use for as long as it lasts. The whole idea of a human life is so miraculous when we really think about any of it.
I became an Elder this year , that is my opinion of it. 70….years in this body, named ellenlansburgh.. broke an arm, blahblahblah.. all the things that could happen to this human female body…every body gets it’s share of karma.. boooring..
for most of my life i thought that my body was me…. but now that it is declining, and of course it is…. no warranty… it was and is still doing an incredible job of working well.. just being a great body and i finally understand.. that it is a very very important vehicle to take care of in every way….
My body was on my team… but when i look back… i was not on it’s team… sort of like kicking your dog….( i hope someone else gets what i mean).. sure someone told me about my body being a temple… sure.. sure.. whadevahhh. I love the new language. don’t you??
It is so fun to see the vista of your life and be like Wise and Cool.. for the first time really cool. cuz u value your time on earth… AND  you know that you are not just a body.!!!!

working and working well (enough) ALIVEly

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wow   … yesterday was the day!!  i turned 70 years old!! amazing just amazing… my parts are working well, no replacements yet… of course, i did not come with any guarantees.. it doesn’t work that way with human bodies… unlike refrigerators, that u must insure after 3 years!! wow  can’t people do better than that?

I am scanning my brain for a point… ( well said, if i have to say so myself)…lol

Life !! Energy!… sort of the same.. I am proposing that we enter the conversation of presence.. with each other … with ourself most importantly. I don’t want to miss any of the Joy anymore.. I want to be here NOW.. thank you Ram Dass for that hint so many years ago…( i think i will rebuy that book).

I was in India in the middle 1990’s and i was told that my Teacher only had one wish for me… and that was to enJoy my life… SIMPLE… right? “yea”  except that it has taken me this many years to GET IT. Common human behavior seems to get in the way most of the time…

HERE… the here and now.. is the ONLY place that this can happen… so we must reteach ourselves… we cannot get old and stale with what we think… so rethink.. maybe yesterday i had an issue to think through… maybe today i am fresh and new and vitally alive! that is the benefit of growth and change and commitment to INJOYING our lives…

While we are here let’s be HERE.. right here using our minds, not being used by them.. after all, a mind needs a captain or it just floats wherever it wants. I have many stories that will make you laugh but cringe and i know that you could do the same for me,,

let’s be amazingly alive!