stageFRIGHT…. so insecure. ….OBVIOUSly

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i have started 3 different videos… trying to introduce myself and explain who and why i think i am Cubiclegirl70…… I know this is important if I am  trying  to connect and share me with you…..

sooooo, get this . I look fine, if there is no closeup, and i am not really interested in close-ups. never was actually, i never even ever carried a compact… or wore lipstick….details were never my thing… the overall effect is what i looked for… like in design or whatever… i got into messy very easily.. never wore a heel again after Maude F came out with flats..namedropping with maude… and u have to be old enough too!!

Sooo- staring into a photo recorder and spilling my beans while i am actually looking at myself on the screen… is scaring the stuff right out of me.. too much face for me i think…Elder- face… LOOKING THAT CLOSE AT ELDER FACE IS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS LOOKING….in fact it takes the words right out of my mouth.. and i have to hit the end button… cause i don’t want to be a bore.. and i recognize that my uh—uh—uh kind of talking can get a little wearing. I just try to wing it!

I can write the truth, a bit easier as i have nothing “to fear.. except… fear….”but  on the other side, i will be looking directly into the pit of insecurity and vanity.. that is apparently silencing my videos!!

please share with other humans that u think want to connect… mainly with our SELF..