about WORRY; WORRYING; and wasting your time!


love this subject… I get my worry gene right from the horses mouths… twas a way of thinking… takes everyone right out of their present, definitely not ENJOYABLE…. worry is a TERRORIST…as far as I think..also the PLUS  side of worry is the wonderful conversations that it begets… so interesting, and most uplifting … riiiiight?  certainly always for me… (my sarcasm is making me a bit nauseous!)

well the funny part is … ( i just lost about 35 lbs over the last year) I was walking in from taking the garbage out….ran into a human that i know and like.. unusual combo for me.. and she is a real NURSE …. she said.

Hi skinny… i smiled…she said have u seen a doctor?.. i winced…(she didn’t catch that as we were across a catwalk) I said yes she said i was fine… i feel great(mostly),,she smiled.. i said do you think i should?? ( the nurse) said yes.        i thought , very quickly, wowch,  maybe i don’t have to worry about $$ and the future.. relief from that … I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of the thoughts …. (so glad i have my sense of humor)

when i was teenager.. i was on Lincoln rd with a friend … i was worrying about sharks… ( i was always ahead of my time!)  i was expressing my fear to her… she asked me if i had a boat? is that  a clear morale? it was for me…