AM I MY MIND?… no… I have a mind…


This question is so simple- and so to the point… .
Am i my liver? No…. I have a liver- and my body uses it… Am I my right hand?.. no.. actually it doesn’t just wave around when “IT ” feels like doing so.

I am defnitely not a scientist…As matter of fact, I like to bring this up-  when I was a young girl the science said that there were 9 planets… in the universe… and that experience has colored my opinion of science and “rightness”. I have had so many experiences in my quest for knowledge and meaning- can they be less true? because you haven’t had the same? not in my life anymore…I am abeliever..or an experiencer and I trust ME.  took quite a while and requires constant reinforcement…. but quite worth the effort.

Keeping my mind free from negativity isn’t that simple however…. but going with that negativity isn’t very appealing anymore..ANGER_ BLAMING_RESENTMENT… what am I leaving out?.

Actually, it takes vigilance and as we like to call it… MINDFULNESS.-

Whatever one wants to call it… it is worth the effort… to feel positive- It is a state that I have named THE THRIVE!! love it right?  Mindfulness catches me – of course i go dark… not fun tho and it is my time… I want to enjoy it.




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