VILarious- is the mindset… versus fear…for me it is “binary”choice….


Hola– I think I have 2 stations – funny and fearful- I sure do prefer laughing! At least I have the presence to KNOW that…  there was a time – I just took what I got.. REACTIONS…. and pow and wow explosions …. with no mercy for all!

Today I am 72 years in this personality! or identification or whatever– human assignment maybe. Famazing to even consider…TIME!! wow …. what is that? a metric for sure and what else??? let me know if you know…..

I am rededicating myself to laughter- and enjoyment vextreme Villiness does it for me…. I love to play and make fun of- ( not meanly) but back to the basics of childhood- when FUN reigned….I make up words to amuse mySelf…like my B-hicle – my body is my behicle-( and this spell corrector is teaching me patience…)

I vote to put an F for fuking- and a V for very in front of words- like Villy – of course is Vobious very obvious… and so on and so on…. cause the other side can be oh so scary.. and this is Fmazing for sure… you get it right????

No matter what Donald does… each day to create chaos .. i vow to find him VEntertaining…. and the world VILarious… it is my way …to make sure my time creates giggles and fun for ME in this here behicle of mine… which incidentally is the only reality I am sure of.



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