FIRED!!! scared,,, and so damn excited too


What a crazy thing for Cudbiclegirl70 to suddenly lose her space (cubicle).. I was gently laid off on a wednsday, came back in  on thursday for 1/2 a day and a quick trip to TOM JENKINS for barbecue sauce, and people watching too.

So this is the perfect opportunity for me to design again!! Cubiclegirl70 (me)- has to get to work pretty fast here- before what people like to call REALITY sets in.. wowch, Actually, I am loving this reality right now.

The reality i could be so afraid of is a clean slate, on which there are so many endless,exciting, creative and hilarious scenarios to establish.  I am only going to be 70 years old for GS.( sake)!!!

While making a mental list of my assets, and i am speaking of inner qualities also- I took the time to be pleased for myself.. I am deciding to be excited in place of that old companion named FEAR .

More later…

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