@pope… A middleaged Elder who is “ROCKIN” the western hemisphere!!! Elders are where it is at

Being aware ... being awake, Miscellaneous

Impressed, Impressive!!!
we are so fortunate to be the witnesses of such GREATness… To be able to hear The Man of the Catholic Church actually demonstrating what living the virtues look and sound like!!!

I am a JINDU myself, a Jewish Hindu…. but not really… But i could answer that if it were on the questionnaire….Like I want to be . anywhere there is the Energy … no matter what it calls itself, GODZEUS– the Energy is the same… and it is Magnificent in its Generosity and Inclusiveness…..
The Energy will always make room for others… because it would never suffer from not being or having enough. It is clear – it is content- and maybe sexy too… I can’t think of anything sexier or more exciting or more fun or anythingish better than just being really FINE.

I could feel a rush of his greatness and light coming out of the screen… like a shot of Light… we can all catch it… we can all be bigger and better than EVER.. and all we have to do… is live with the Virtues…. SIMPLE AND NOT EASY… for sure.. but if Francis can … so can we..
If my Teacher can… so can I
I f I can… well then anyone can!
A 78 yearly Elder named Francis is turning the world on!!!
so exciting…

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