Delusional Donald!!!

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Donald is really hilarious right??? If he is the DUDE- everything changes – cuz  of him!- No One is allowed to be very angry and act out!! cause why????  cause how?  I think the problems are a little deeper than that Mr T.-

He reminds me of John Wayne in Shane—He is bigger than….. the world and can handle whatever comes his amazing way! YESSSS- oh Donald- the world isn’t really like the movies- We are Humans on this planet – and it is quite obvious that we are not going in the right direction–and that may not be Hillary Clintons fault- the energy is bigger than her and even bigger than you.

The Energy on this planet is not all about you – we all are the energy- and this planet is pretty angry at the moment- judging from the dissatisfaction  and tragedies that are occurring – Like CHARLOTTE ( could be anywhere USA) could be anywhere most places planet Earth!! Say SYRIA… wow we are making a mess.

The problem,  is always being pin pointed – Humans use their JUDGEMENT- and usually they like to find something or someones to blame- Blame works really well here… RIGHT???? NOO…… Blaming is one way to fight,, one way to criticize to- instigate and hit back harder….. oh my gosh.. It sounds like a very bad scenario to me…the kind of scenario that causes chaos and misery and leaves an ugly wake.

On the news I am watching such fabulous HUMAN ENERGY coming forth to support the fact that we are all the same – Thinking Humans, that want to use their minds and open their hearts… ‘DO UNTO OTHERS…..’ I am quite confident that we all are familiar-  with this  …. and now , it is necessary to implement this – or.. YES everything will get worse-and worse ……

It is not a WINNER -LOSER world …

It is not LIVE and Let Live — it has to change to LIVE AND HELP LIVE!!!!- AND WE AS COLLECTIVE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET might just have to look in the mirror and check for Greed, pettiness, and delusional thoughts… jealousies- all the miseries that come with a mind  that runs wild on its own without the guidance of its Human “owner”/possessor what ever we are- I think it is our mind! and we can use it just like we use everything else we are gifted with…

MINDS!- Use them- Understand them and direct them… if you do — I don’t think you would choose to fight! and call names… what would be the point? Anyone who was present and making a choice, wouldn’t be attracted to that game? right?

Just heard that Cruz is endorsing  Trump!!! that is hilarious too!

change name to Putin… donald we have a chance here and we need a super HUMAN.. here an Avatar… can donald be the man???

REALLY! A PATHOPLOGICAL LIAR!!  lmaoFullSizeRender copy

our minds guys!! lets use them and be great

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