GOOL – the state and the Ninfo— a must read! lol for serious presencers-a rule

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so far for me Gool ,,is


the perfection-  it is the buck stops here , kinda place – happy is achieved- it disallows the possibility of happier-  and  it is not buggered in any way by the mind- my mind in this case- your mind in your cases— AND the fact that  no other person really will ever know your state- so GOOL is personal. we are the definers of our own  Gool.- that is the cosmic joke– how personal this existence truly is. No matter if we think other people are involved or not.- what seems to be … just seems to be ,,, think a bit differently about it and it dissolves… away to exactly the place it originated in… the ether? the whatever? the atmosphere? call it what you will… it isn’t even there.

sooooo-any time that one wastes-thinking about what someone else is thinking about………. oh my god- you can blow it big time!!!! It representing our  existence or our lives in these bodies. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW WHAT ANOTHER THINKS-and that is a rule. Please repeat that and repeat that and repeat….. it is impossible to know or think you know what someone else is thinking…. And worst than that…. it is a complete waste of time to listen to someone who is telling you what they think someone else is thinking….. impossible to follow …. yet we do it and do it… it keeps CNN and Fox news going …. and nothing real is being said…just opinions and what ifs for the most part.

It seems we are  given a life span at our birth- us as energy  enter the DNA that we are going to wear ( a baby human) and become a Human for the duration of that existence, no matter how long it lasts… ( a short lifetime – or a lengthy time.)  one day old or 100 yrs old.

Today I had an aha- to enjoy ones life – one has to enjoy ones own mind!! otherwise… i know you know what i am talking about here… Hell on earth is between our ears and it is available 24/7- if you want it chaos and dissatisfaction,,, there it is on the menu!

a rule-  NO ONE KNOWS WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS …. AND NEVER WILL ( unless they are told)FullSizeRender copy

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